The local cows seeking shelter from the blistering Yorkshire Autumnal Sun. Wow it’s been cold. Definitely two jumper weather.

Today we have had plenty of time to be out in the cold. Four lessons today and virtually no work sent from school. One random map but no information, no explanation, no questions, just a map. That was it. Hawklad spent the day doing his own thing. Nothing else for him to do.

Eventually I called it. Enough for one day. Turn the school iPad off and let’s go and get some ice cream. I’m actually half tempted to tell him not to switch the iPad on tomorrow as well. Currently what is the point to this school at home project.

So ice cream it was. As I was walking back with the goodies. Then definite proof that Yorkshire Birds are a breed apart.

How long do I have to sit on this big egg before it hatches.

Without doubt the academic high of the day.

45 thoughts on “Hatch

  1. Ha ha. I hope that bought a smile to both your faces. It would have done with me. Not something to expect myself from a bird.

    I hope you both enjoyed your icecreams.


  2. Gorgeous photo! And the birds always make me smile! Georgie & Gracie haven’t been around in a long time, but I still get lots of visitors to chat with.

    Definitely go with ice cream! Ice cream is always a good choice!


  3. When we would go to the shore I would laugh at all the birds that napped on top of all the beach umbrellas. So cool! It is chilly here – not cold yet. I do like the cold so much more than the thick humid heat we had all summer. The new weather is so refreshing.


  4. I love the photo! ❤ 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳❤ Have I ever mentioned that I love trees? Big fan!

    I’m so sorry about school. That bird makes me smile. Keep appreciating those blessings. They do help to keep us going and hopeful.

    Hang in there Superdad and stay out of the rain!


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