As Winter fast approaches, there is still so much colour around. Just need to keep looking, it’s too easy to assume that colour has left for the year.

A venture inside a small shop for Hawklad. Maybe 8 other shoppers and a couple of shop staff. It took all his strength to survive 2 minutes inside. But here’s the thing, his anxieties in there weren’t just focused on Covid thoughts. Yes those fears explained his refusal to touch any alien surfaces or objects. But those in the shop all had masks on (strict shop policy). He just felt uncomfortable in that relatively small space. Too hemmed in. Too many faces. A space to small for that number of strangers.

The Covid vaccine might help will some anxieties but not with all the ones circulating in his world. A small village shop is a world away from an overcrowded classroom in a school with 900 pupils. His well-being is paramount. It has to be the basis of any decision going forward. Life has to fit for him. That’s the only way he will be happy.

That feels like a roadmap to guide the future.

16 thoughts on “Colour

  1. A small shop, perhaps but surely a big step and accomplishment for Hawklad. Every step takes him further forward and your letting him decide when and where to step…I think it’s very wise.

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  2. Even from this far away, it is so clear that your beloved boy is making progress. As long as some day he can survive just for a bit in our world of strangers and noise and walls and then return to the comfort of his beautiful world, we will know that he has won.


  3. You’re right in allowing Hawklad to set his own pace in following a radmap he’s comfortable with. Anything else will cause more harm than good..


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