Too dark inside and out for the old iPhone camera, it did its best…..

Rain, rain, rain with some added rain today.

Roads starting to become streams.

After a super wet walk it’s time for most definitely indoor exercise. Time for yoga. But as I have shown you before indoor, yoga, a yoga mat and a big boy cat don’t really go well together.

First of all, how can one cat take up the whole mat. Second how am I supposed to perform any sort of balletic move with that fella between my legs…..

But today that feline apex predator was distracted. His focus drifted from the ‘funny chubby chap who feeds me’ to the yoga instructor on the iPad. That was it, he was hooked. I think the boy cat likes Adriene. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

56 thoughts on “Cat meets Adriene

  1. A cat that is now dead many a year watched a movie on TV with me as a kitten. At the end of the movie the credits ran up towards the top of the screen. Loki looked at me, looked at the credits rolling up, jumped on top of the TV, and saw nothing. He bent over the edge, the credits were still rolling, but they weren’t getting out of the box he was standing on. He looked at me, bewildered I thought, then he jumped down and never looked at a TV screen again. It wasn’t real, and he had proof.

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      1. Poor cats. They will forever be frustrated. But then, I have a huge birdfeeder just 12″ outside my back patio glass door. The cats sit and “clack” away at them, but the birds understand they are safe. Some even hop right up to the glass and bob and weave their heads. They are purposely teasing the cats. We call this Cat TV.

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  2. A cat will always sit on anything they think you want to sit on. It’s cat lore. But it seems you found a solution! I used to have a cat game on an old iPad but of course they got bored with it. Lately they have live mice to entertain them. It’s becoming really rather gross.

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  3. Oh, yoga with Adriene? I also follow her and have a yoga session every day! She’s the best teacher I found so far and for years I’ve been practicing with her! And, my cats are almost always in the way! Not only on the mat, but they like sitting on me also. Try doing a pose while one of the cats decided to sit on your belly.

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