Halloween has been and gone. A tremendous excuse to watch proper Halloween movies. Scooby Doo and The Muppets. Can’t go wrong with them.

I’m pleased to report Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls, Goblins, Boris Johnson and U2 where all put off from trick or treating, by the tropical Yorkshire weather.

It’s also a good time to see if those outside Christmas lights which I forgot to to take down 10 months ago, have survived the Yorkshire weather.

So the next school term has started. Sadly without much enthusiasm from either Hawklad or his Muppet Dad. No return to the classroom looks imminent so we continue the school at home project. At least some of the lessons had work supplied. No sign that Hawklad’s work is being looked at but at least there is something for him to do. But what he is looking at is of so little interest to him. Learning for learnings sake. I bet it doesn’t stick in his mind as well as his real interests do. That’s life. That explains why I can remember every line, word for word, in Scooby Doo movies yet I can never remember where I put my car keys. How I can unerringly locate exactly where the chocolate is yet I can’t remember the diet I’m supposed to be sticking to.

Total Selective Recall.

62 thoughts on “Return

  1. It is exceedingly difficult for to remember things that do not hold our interest. I love the Halloween decorations and nice to see Yorkshire weather did not wreck your Christmas lights. We had to drive to the city so did not see any ghouls, goblins, or monsters. I miss seeing the trick or treaters. Maybe next year. Good luck with sticking to your diet. I never diet! But I have loads of respect for those that do.

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      1. “They” said the numbers would be higher this year, but I saw no evidence of that. My spouse’s mother lives in a town of 75,000. She was out driving around looking at displays. In two hours she said she never saw even one trick or treater. The weather was cool, but I thought most kids were supposed to be brave.
        Yeah, maybe next year…

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      2. And I was talking about consciousness. I live in the middle of redneck country. I’m amazed they allow me to exist in their ultra-right wing world.


      3. It can be disturbing at times. I met a woman who lived near Edmonton and thought she was quite nice but then she uttered racial slurs and I was disappointed in her. I know we should not judge, but it does upset me when people are so judgemental of others, yet here I am judging her!


      4. You can call it judging, or you can call it realising that some people just are not as humane as others. I know what you mean by “judging,” but how else do you choose who you want to be friends with. When you start overlooking people’s bad habits, or their inhumanity, you are telling that person you approve of them being who they are. That allows them to feel secure in their actions and beliefs. It is not up to us to force them to be anything but what they are, but maybe if we tell them what bothers us about them we can get them to think about why they are that way. I have left many do-called friends behind in life if they start to bring me down to their level. Not that one is superior to another, but differences are important.
        Butt that is just me…


      5. Absolutely. But I wish England would stop buying wood pellets from us. They are destroying our old-growth boreal forests to heat your government buildings.


    1. I never diet, never. For one important thing, once you start that caper it becomes a weird counting habit “One biscuit, two biscuits, three biscuits… nom nom nom. “No!” Secondly, I belly dance and think the size I am suits that activity of fitness and rounded fun. I’ve something here and there to naturally fill out the costume. 💃 {{{giggles}}}

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      1. This was our 3rd Halloween in this apt. building (I believe you call them flats over there) and the first two years I was working (plus you know, Covid) and this year we were away. I am hoping to have a happier Halloween next year!


  2. I can remember obscure facts from my childhood that are useless but can never remember where I put anything. It’s such a time waster when I decide to go looking. One day I think I will just throw everything out then I won’t have to think about it at all.


  3. “Learning for learning’s sake.” That sums it up.
    Regarding what you can remember and what not… I mean, we need to set priorities when it comes to chocolate 😄


  4. I can relate to remembering lines of Scooby Doo and not knowing where the keys are~or the chocolate even though I’m diabetic. You have a great sense of humor~it carries you and Hawklad through the gloom, and glee, that you can find together. 💛


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