One if those bright but misty starts to the day. Fog and mist is part of life here.

The School at Home project has seemingly moved into another phase. Clearly the class lessons in school are now more about revision than learning new information. A few lessons continue to teach but most are in permanent revision mode. During these revision spells the feeling of Hawklad being cut adrift from his classmates escalates. Direct contact with the teachers just seems to disappear. It looks like teachers run through past questions or ask the pupils to go through classroom notes. Class discussions, white board answer review. This just doesn’t transfer to the home based pupils. So lessons go through with hardly any contact. In class you can compare performance with others. Kinda benchmark yourself. That can’t happen at home. Hawklad tries to work with the bits that are distributed but it’s all a bit haphazard. It does feel like he’s aimlessly drifting. That can’t be a good thing.

With final exams not much more than a year away, is it too late to pull him out if school. Do our own thing with qualifications. Or do we just soldier on with this. It’s not such a clear cut decision but one that isn’t going to go away. He is no nearer returning to class.

32 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. There is no good outcome. My daughter has been told that they don’t want Isobelle in college as she can’t cope. They took her t,.a. away so what did they expect. Now saying come September she needs a mainstream college for disabilities, The nearest is Coventry. @$$%@$$


  2. I pushed myself at a later stage of my life and gained some qualifications, but to be honest I can see how they mean Llareggub compared to my experiences. Yes, some people do gauge others by what qualifications they have, but it depends on what you want to do within your life that counts. Yes, of course if you want to be a surgeon you need more than a steady hand. If you are dishing out pills you will need to be good at maths. If it’s being a pilot, then of course others want to know you are qualified. However, with all the other things that need doing to keep humanity on track, I don’t see a problem with not having a bit of paper from school. Seeing the things you’ve written about your wonderful son, things he comes out with, the way he interacts with you, well he is turning out to be a well rounded person. < That counts.

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  3. Take charge, Gary. Teach him what he wants to learn. If history is his thing, he needs English, writing skills including spelling and grammar, and of course, a wide variety of history. Be sure to include things other than white European history which is really a bit of a bore, in my mind. Cristofo Columbo did not discover America!

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      1. Çan’t help that. I cannot stand that the English change everything to suit their language, like calling Deutschland Germany. If you’ll pardon me picking on your felliw Anglos, they have to feel superior to everyone on the globe, so they refuse to call .shovel a shovel. And if they happen to screw up and call a North American original human inhabitant an Indian, when Indians are only associated with people with familial ties to India, which itself is a misnomer, they refuse to let themselves be corrected! Americans may be the most arrogant people in the world, but they learned that from their English forebears.


  4. It is a tough world, especially now with the Covid-19!
    It does, however, not relate to schools only, but have an impact on practically everything around us – except for blogging! 🙂 That seems to increase as many are forced to wait it out at home!?


      1. I will. Here, have an extra umbrella 🌂😀 Or stand under a lovely tree 🌳 Just make sure the clouds aren’t thundering ⛈ or you’ll have to run for home… 🏃‍♂️


  5. Maybe he’s wanting you, as the parent, to make the decision so he doesn’t have to wrestle with it anymore. That way too, he can blame you if it doesn’t work out great😉

    It IS his life, and his future, but he’s still a confused kid. Teens think they’re grown… then they learn what the real world is like😂😂

    Just a thought 🤷🏼‍♀️



  6. That picture could be from early spring. Everything looks so green and lush.
    It is a vicious circle and I am sorry that the last decision is on you since Hawklad is too young to estimate the consequences.


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