Not sure it’s skating ice. Certainly not this skater. You will find more aerodynamic elephants.

Four lessons today in theory but in practice just one turned up. Add to that all the homework is up to date. So plenty of time for things like skating, or in my case, sinking. Hawklad is used to these quiet teaching days now, so he does his own thing. So he looks after his own learning. Maybe not exam related but definitely not wasted learning.

So while Hawklad was immersing himself in American Political History I played with the school’s online parenting portal. Lots of helpful information – so I’m led to believe. But I did find one thing that caught my attention. Homework stats. How much homeworking has been set by each subject. Can you guess which subject has set the most work since September. Not Science, not Maths (no homework set at all), not History, not Geography, not English, not Design Technology…..

So in second place on the homework league table we have Information Technology.

And the clear winner. The subject which has set the most homework.

Religious Education.

Why did I think it would be something like Science. Giving its homework I think Hawklad would prefer if it was something like Wrestling, Chelsea Football Club or SpongeBob. I would definitely take skating over pesky homework. But here’s the serious point. What is the point of homework. Is it adding something to his education or is it just about eating up time. Sadly it feels like the latter too often.

47 thoughts on “Skating or not

  1. Isn’t it the world we live in now. Very few give a sh!t about anything nowadays. People don’t want to work after losing jobs, the PM doing everything that people got fined for, and Children? Schools don’t help the children anymore. If they have disabilities parents are the ones that have to take on the Schools/colleges because they can get lost in the system.

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    1. Oh yes they do. So nothing changed there when I was at school. I had to do unless my mum wrote a letter to be excused from the subject, which she didn’t. No surprise there.
      So the year before my last year at school, I rebelled after one particular homework I had. Didn’t do it and when asked where it was and repeatedly other questions, I eventually kicked off. Something no one has ever seen as I was known to be the quiet one.
      With threats of detention, I said you can give me all the detentions you like, still not doing the homework. Nothing came of it. But I would have sat in those detention if they had. But I wouldn’t have been doing RE.


      1. Can a student choose between all religions in the world? Islam? Bahai? Jewish? Pentacostal? Catholic? Every denomination? Or are they herded into “acceptable” religions according to the British powers that be? Or is it one course in comparative religions?


  2. Wow! religion? Now why does that surprise me?
    I think homework should not exist. Kids have enough lessons at school, they should be allowed to have their evenings free of school work. Xx


    1. If you let kids have kid time, they might grow up to be well-rounded adults. The government can’t allow that. Well-rounded adults will NOT vote Conservative. If a child is taught how to NOT THINK, they might be convinced to give their votes to the Tories, under false pretenses of course.
      As for Religious Education, no child should have to endure that. It is called brainwashing. In college, or university, if a student wants to learn, then they are mentally mature enough to be taught about religion. As children they are not ready.


  3. I agree.  I never liked my kids having a lot of homework.  I think kids need to have time to be kids. But that was in the 70s and eighties before cel phones,  iPads and play time didn’t involve a screen.

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  4. Oh my word, I have to confess to asking Alexa first to “Play Morning Has Broken” and then if that doesn’t work to “Play SpongeBob SquarePants theme” to wake some folks up. Who can stay awake when you hear:


  5. When I started reading, this I just knew the subject was going to be religion. WHY?! WTF! What is the actual value of a college degree these days? As far as I know, no one has ever been interested in whether I had a degree or not, after all the blood, sweat and tears!


  6. Good grief, why on earth do some things never change? I hated RI at school, l still hate it and don’t even believe in it. Bloody useless subject!

    Like you l am not a skater, although the only reason being l broke all my toes skating when young.


      1. I don’t know Gary, l honestly don’t. I do know that l personally feel RI or RE should be a personal choice and not a fixed or forced one. BUT why is the curriculum still so Victorian? Why are we not exercising more creativity and still fixated upon academic? That’s the sad bit.


  7. I think homework is only really good for subjects like math, where you need repetition to cement it in the brain. Of course, I aced calculus but couldn’t solve a basic algebra problem now, I bet🤪🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂 Not much point if one isn’t going to *USE* it.

    There’s a portion of the US that would LOVE to see Religious Education taught in public school. A nice evangelical Christian form of religion, of course🤦🏼‍♀️ In the dinosaur days, we didn’t study religion at all. My girls had a unit of learning about the different religions in a general way. I think that’s helpful. Students can learn what other religions believe, and their rituals and whatnot. Homework for RE though? Ridiculous!!

    No skating for me! My butt is already cracked, don’t wanna break it😂😂😂



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