Another early finish to a Friday school at home day. A few bits of work, some random, time consuming bits of homework. All done by 1pm. So time to head out for an afternoon stroll. A much needed stroll. I could get use to these Friday school days. Good for Hawklad as well. He finds it easier talking about his worries when he’s outside. Talking is good. Bottling them up is not so good. A few worries talked through then he can call the start of the weekend. Talk switches to fun stuff and we all need a bit of fun. Fun is good for the soul.

A very Yorkshire weathered statue. No it’s not in our garden…..

Walked past this statue so many times over the years and yet I’ve never taken the time to notice the details. But this week I took that closer look and look what I discovered on the plinth.

You just never know what you will find.

46 thoughts on “Looking

  1. My man and I are about to go for an evening walk. It’s at this time that he ‘opens up’, as you say! I think that goes for most males. Seems it just may be a male thing. Whatever it is, it sure is great to take advantage of. Lots of stress gets unloaded, and who doesn’t need that?
    Amazing work on the plinth. The sculptors of old sure knew a thing or two about art. And, here it is all these years later, still looking good.


  2. You are blessed having that all so close by Gary.. Its great these walks help you two to connect why do they not facilitate this kind of thing in school too, its just a thought.. These are the precious memories of your time together that will sustain you both in years to come.. You are both such precious special people and we are lucky to know you here.

    Oh also I watched movie I think was set in Yorkshire on the coast it had huge cliffs dropping down to the ocean of what looked like white granite.. It was called Hope Gap.. I wonder if you knew where that was.. it had poetry in it and scenery and shots of the ocean were so stunning..


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