Yes it’s back. Just when we thought it was shorts weather for the next six months, oh no, it’s back into THREE jumper weather.

Definitely not enough for even the most rubbish snow angel ever but just enough to send all exposed skin a funny shade of blue.

Alberts back as well…

Can’t believe that the only Albatross in the northern hemisphere has decided during this truly tropical spell to return to the Yorkshire coast. Albert definitely needs to fire his holiday adviser. Last year he stayed 30 miles away from our house, for his summer holidays. It was actually mostly very nice and almost warm. Maybe that’s why he stayed for nearly two months. Sadly this years vacation finds temperatures north of zero. He must be tempted to head somewhere warmer.

If he hangs around this time then we will try to catch up with him. Last year was an awesome meet-up.

With any luck we can visit him when the Easter School Break starts next Friday. Easter is a bit of a challenge these days. Hawklad likes to get out, likes to visit places. But he needs these place quiet or even better, EMPTY. That doesn’t often happen over the two and a bit week break. Most places tend to be mobbed. This forces us into the early strategy. Get there as soon as a place opens and then stay until it starts to fill up. It’s not a guarantee of success. Last year we had several visits to RSPB Bempton to try to catch an albatross sighting. Problem is that such an extremely rare epic bird brings people, lots of people. We had a number of trips were although we had set off from home just after 7am, when we arrived a busy car park was way too much for Hawklad. So we started setting off much earlier. 4.30am early….. The prize was for an hour or so we did get the cliffs almost to ourselves and as soon as the crowds started to arrive, we left. Back home before 9am. It might be tiring but even if you don’t get to see Albert it’s so worth it.

Isolation has drawbacks but every so often it doesn’t half deliver. We just wouldn’t be stood on a cliff as the sun comes up.

45 thoughts on “It’s back

  1. Wow, these pictures of the coast and the cliffs are a dream!! And you are so lucky with that Albatros. I have never seen one. What amazing birds!
    And you know what? The snow you have today is the snow we get tomorrow or Saturday….


      1. Nope 😂 I did as long as I went to school because I had to go on those ski days. But that is already 36 years ago 😂


  2. Love the hours when other people are sleeping. Gives me an opportunity to hear the place I’m at, come alive….and like Hawkland, the crowds I can do without. “Albert’s travel advisor”, nice


  3. Some bloody cracking shots in there. I too have discussed the drop in weather on tomorrow’s post. We had sleet and hail the size of marbles today! Would it help if Hawk wore a mask as in an actual mask when out?


      1. Yes, that would be an issue. He needs to find a comfortable way to become invisible, how about masking up mentally, could/can he do that?


      2. Well sadly covid is now going to be part and parcel of our life until something takes its place as a major problem.

        I can understand how he is feeling, luckily l don’t have that kind of anxiety. I do hope that a solution is found for him and you too Gary as it is a stress all by itself and impactive on your health too.


      3. Strange l would have thought the pandemic is an ideal setting to start recovery – it has to start somewhere because there is always going to be a drama in the world and from this point onwards more so. The world you and l grew up into is long gone. Kids today are going to have to become savvier quicker and health professionals are going to have to try and adapt new therapy strategies to enable anxiety to cope with the world in which we now have.


  4. We had a blizzard and temperature of minus 6′ on Sunday, still cold Monday, yesterday freezing rain and today relatively mild with some rain but not heavy. Crazy like a rollercoaster. But we don’t have an Albert! You sure got some beautiful shots of the sunrise. I’m not much of a morning person and would much rather watch the sunset, but I admire people who can get up early like that. Hope you have lots more “empty” outings with Hawklad. You both deserve it.


  5. Sunrise is definitely one of the only reasons to get up early. Sunrise and quiet. Stunning photos!!

    Ben has been on break this past week. I’m counting down to the return of the GLYSB on Monday 👋🚍 🥳💃🏼


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