Grindelwald….and not that Harry Potter wizard version.

That’s some train station. Waiting for a train was never a bind here at Grindelwald.

I have a real soft spot for this wonderful alpine village. First time I came to Switzerland. Arrived late on a Saturday night. The first morning in alpine paradise, a time before Hawklad, we headed out by train to this very place. Arrived at this station. As it snowed, we caught a cable car and headed into the clouds. Wandered around a world that I had never experienced before. Feeling like you could reach out and almost touch The Eiger Summit. Grindelwald was the door that opened this amazing land to me.

When I find the photos from that epic first trip I will share more but here are photos from a few years later. 2013. Is it really 9 years.

That’s a golf course with a view…

Wow Hawklad was a lot smaller.

I can’t wait for that next bit of Grindelwald.

41 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

      1. Being an adult sounds like you have finished learning and can tell others how to perceive. I prefer to be a child and work out what I perceive to be right and true, good and kind, acceptable and worth doing for myself. That’s the best thing we can pass on to our kids, the freedom of thought and willingness to question: Is this true? Is this the kind option? How does this work? Does this work?


      2. It’s never worked with me. That child in me is way too stubborn, will not be moved and welcomed by most, but occasionally I do have to go into management, the door shut and a one to one token telling me to wind it in. Then two kids have a one to one joke or two, then back to the coalface.


      3. I can even recommend questioning other people’s moral stance in cartoon form. For instance “Why expect a cat who cannot eat grain to bake a loaf of bread?”


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