He misses out on so much, so much of the teenage life. You can only experience so much when you spend so much time isolated. What highlights the isolation is that since March 2020 he has spent some time with only ONE friend in that time – his only contact with someone his own age. Yes a really good friend but that’s a shed load of teenage socialising missed out on. It’s not the same but when a chance to do something special for him presents itself then you grab it, regardless of the difficulties.

The alarm went off before 5am.

300 miles of driving later, two traffic jams and we park up in Cardiff.

Trying frustratingly to find facilities that weren’t too busy and that could be used without causing too much stress.

Trying to take in a bit of the history of the Capital of Wales while avoiding the crowds.

Watching the anxiety levels rise as we join the long queues to get into a huge stadium.

But then the goal. The whole point of this. Getting the wrestling mad Hawklad into the UK’s first major Wrestling Televised Live Event in 30 years, along with 62000 other crazy fans. Was I so underdressed in a grey T-shirt and Jeans…. With much trying I had obtained 2 tickets at the back but crucially in an area with some space around us. Then for 4 hours Hawklad could be part of something, experiencing something different, something exciting. A brief breakout from the isolation

Then it was over, 300 mile night driving and almost 24 hours later we arrived back home. Wow I was tired. Yes it was difficult. Yes the trip highlighted many issues that create roadblocks to eventually easing the isolation and maybe returning him to a classroom. But Hawklad did some of that exciting living and that is all that mattered.

44 thoughts on “Wrestling with the logistics

  1. This story warmed my heart, Gary. What you do everyday is above and beyond going the extra mile – 300 miles! – for Hawklad. He knows he’s lucky to have you and I hope you know that too. Hope you get some rest!


  2. You brave man, you crossed the line and entered the land of the dragon!!!
    Then again I also crossed the line t’other way and entered the land of roses, as me and my daughter went to dance in England. Hey, what if at the same time I was with my daughter looking around Caerleon amphitheatre, you twoz had been there? Just like yourselves, we didn’t stop at the usual service stations where there’s lots of people.


  3. OMG, that’s amazing what you did here and what Hawklad achieved. Wow!! I am having goosebumps thinking of how much love there is that made you do this and how much strength and willingness there is in Hawklad to get there, even though he knows how challenging it could be. Simply WOW!


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