It’s the Great Bloggers Bake-off this weekend. So here goes, time for a bit of homemade apple pie, made with home grown super sour apples. From this very rainbow tree.

After some very careful editing of which part of the pie to show you, it kinda looks edible.

And the official taste test….

“It’s reasonably decent but are you going to give the first attempt to the birds….” Shush… let’s not mention the first try.

Yes the birds will feed well tomorrow.

For all the latest on the Bloggers Bake-off go over to Mel’s great site.

55 thoughts on “Apple pie

  1. It looks wonderful. Be happy with that and don’t try to eat it. That way you will have a lovely memory, and your digestion. 🙂

    Seriously though, well done on making the effort. \We always go for crumble, which we buy in a bag, to avoid the difficulty of pastry.


  2. Wow I am impressed, looks so delicious and “reasonably decent” is high praise coming from the tester in chief! (What first attempt? I am sure it was made on purpose to share with those hungry little birds)


      1. 🙂

        It stemmed from school Gary – pre-school l had never had custard, but there was just something about school custard that was ace.

        These days sadly l can’t eat anything in that dessert but l still have the memories 🙂


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