It’s been a cracking Fungi season. A gift that keeps on giving.

The school half term holiday starts tomorrow evening. The school at home project has completely nosedived this half term. Any support provided is becoming at best very very very patchy, too many of the subjects are dropping completely off the radar. It’s all very vexing and we both quip that it feels like the postman will be bringing a letter from school saying that Hawklad has been sacked. So a week off is needed to lift his spirits, to relax. He is seriously stressed out.

Apparently NOT….

School has made it clear that for pupils like Hawklad, this half term is about work and revising. The school will be checking to see that pupils have put in the hour after hour of work by setting tests as soon as school reopens again.

All work NO play.

I realise other parents might take a different view but this is so wrong to me. Everybody needs a break, especially in these times. Kids need time to relax and have fun. So many are stressed out. Stressed out with school, freaked out by the madness they see unfold all around them. No wonder that UK Child Mental Health Services are being swamped. Latest figures show that over 400000 children per month are being treated for mental health problems.

So here, yes there will be a small bit of work but hopefully bucket loads of relaxation and play. If Hawklad isn’t up to work then stuff school.

47 thoughts on “Fungi 2

  1. Love to see a garrick fly. 🦟 Actually, maybe it’s about time I learnt the proper spelling of that fungi? I mean, how the heck of I lived all these years and not? Only, there’s something to be said for not knowing everything. I meant, I’m still here without having to know shuff like: who was the king 🤴 of Azerbaijan in 1650 or all that maths stuff about Al Gee’s Bra 📐 Not knowing hasn’t worried me so far. I’m sane enough, if a bit bonkers, healthy and able to laugh in the face of shite, so there’s that. You know what, I might deliberately not learn how to spell “flys on a garick” 🍄 and just imagine the fairies 🧚 sitting on them instead. Maybe we all need to brush up what we know about fairies, what do you think? I mean, come on, that’s the stuff to ponder at 3am in the morning, right? And, and, if I have to “Spell” something, then it will be a magical appearance (and not so magical disappearance) of several chocolate chip 🍪🍪🍪 cookies.

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  2. Fabulous photos! I’ve probably told you this before, but I’ve only ever seen red toadstools in photos, never in real life.


  3. Great photos. Nature is providing many beautiful spectacles right now. I think Hawklad will get much more out of viewing all of those than fretting over school work with no support. They should be ashamed.


  4. I hope you enjoy the rest and that Hawklad gets lots of time to play and recharge. And same to you as well, Gary.

    Those first few red mushrooms remind me of Super Mario Bros!


  5. I agree completely, I’m a single parent to 2 kids and it’s the same here, both my kids are under 9 and they have homework everyday after school, I think that after working hard at school all day they definitely deserve a break, I wouldn’t want to hinder their learning but there has to be a balance. Great article, keep it up. Thanks 👍🏼


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