A great place to think….

A great place to get cold as well…..

Well I was…..

24 hours after my double shot of Flu and Covid booster vaccines. The arm which enjoyed the Pfizer needle was feeling like it had been repeatedly punched by Tyson Fury. The rest of me was just feeling cold, like I had a cold. Not sure why but every single time I have had the Flu vaccine, the next day I have without fail come down with cold symptoms and it was no different this year.

So feeling COLD and THINKING next to this awesome little lake.

“Dad I’ve come up with a Christmas list idea, how about a Scalextric Set…”

Bang goes my one great big surprise idea….. Pants…..

“You don’t need to get me any Shakespeare stuff Dad, anything to do with School English Literature is not ever making the list now. Definitely not after school sucked the life out of it.”

It’s ok, Shakespeare was not in the Gift running list. The one and only time he did make the GIFT list, it was via the wonderful Horrible Histories BILL movie.

“Dad we haven’t watched the Horrible Histories movie in ages. I learnt more from that movie than school has ever managed to teach me about Shakespeare in years. The movie was fun, school isn’t….”

He’s not wrong there….

Can you remember the last time you had fun with your schools.

“Not happened so far, but to be fair, I’ve only been at school for 11 years.”

And stood by this cold lake, we probably stumble on why education in the UK is in such a mess for so many families.

46 thoughts on “Bill

  1. To school, or not to school, that is the dilemma
    Whether Hawklad is learning anything, or
    Whether he is just wasting his time
    Or indeed his whole damned life?
    And yours!


  2. Had to google “Scalectric set”… never heard that before. Not sure of the name here.

    School had lots of ups and downs for me… History and PoliSci were the worst of the worst. I had no interest and the instructors were terrible. I remember being super envious that a friend at another school had a history teacher who would point out everyone who was gay. It was the 70s and that was intriguingly scandalous… and would have kept my attention.

    Like Hawklad, I also learned the most from surprising places…and still do! (today a gas pump infotainment screen taught me that bubble wrap was otiginally invented as textural wallpaper)

    I’m really sorry you don’t get better support from the school system!


  3. A wonderful place for bonding and conversation, even if it wasn’t a pleasant one. I’m sorry Hawklad’s school experience continues to be a sour one! At least you both have Christmas break to look forward to soon. 🙏

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  4. I guess I was lucky … I had teachers who were passionate about the subject they taught, particularly in History, Civics, and Literature, and their passion translated into their teaching, making the subject matter fascinating, at least to me. They inspired me to go on to earn 3 college degrees! I hope some teacher can find a way to make it fun and interesting for Hawklad, too!


      1. Sadly, it is becoming more that way here, too. Especially in the southern states where they don’t want children to learn the true history of this nation that includes slavery, genocide, etc. HOW the Sam Hell are future generations to do better, to correct the course, if they don’t know what happened in the past??? Sigh.


  5. What a beautiful place to talk. Sorry to hear of the ongoing negative experiences with school. I totally agree, Horrible Histories is brilliant. It so often saves the day. It never fails to entertain and it quickly teaches kids the important points of topics that can usually seem so dull, dry and impenetrable to them… Thank goodness such alternative resources exist for them.


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