Looking out at the rain and the trees bending in the wind. It’s all just a bit too grey. Sometimes you soul needs more. For us that was a holiday in Switzerland. We probably couldn’t afford it but was it worth it – you bet.

We always used the small town of Spiez as our base. A stunning and friendly place sitting by the banks of Lake Thun. A transport fanatics dream. On one side you can take the regular boat service (sometimes an old steamer) to explore the lake from Thun to Interlaken. On the other side a brilliant train station offering precision perfect links to the rest of Switzerland, Germany and Milan.

After a hours of exploring we always ended the day with a walk up through the vineyards to a small hill top with stunning views across the lake to the Alps.

Memories and views like that are worth so much more than money. It’s why my beloved partner indicated that she wanted some of her ashes scattering here. A perfect choice. One day hopefully I will do the same. So our souls can wander here forever…..

54 thoughts on “Happy Days – Spiez

  1. Now it all makes perfect sense! 😉

    Fully agree about the ‘grey’ days and the Soul’s need to find places like this! (Fortunately, i’m going from memories of Dear Old Blighty – no such problem here, quite the reverse is true! A bit of snow seems appealing – even some real rain might be nice?)

    Definitely more ‘Happy Days’ stories please, Fonzie. 😀

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    1. It is stunning. It has my favourite running route ever. Starts with a nit too steep climb into woods, emerging to views of the mountains then descend to a flat track which runs right on the very edge of the lake. Finishing off at a coffee shop. You would love it, just the sound of water lapping.

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  2. What a stunningly beautiful place it sounds. I can truly understand why you would find peace for your soul there, and I am sure she will too. Have a peaceful day if you can Gary. X

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  3. So moving! That place where the two of you have so many special memories and feelings – that is such a wonderful place to think of her resting. I cam see why she chose a place where she was so deeply happy.

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