A beautiful little thing from warmer months.

Unfortunately many little things are not so enjoyable.

Little things are sent to test us. The one day when it had to be a full day at the work base would also have to be the day the office heating failed. The heating failure had to be on the coldest day of the year so far. In the morning the thermometer was resolutely stuck at -2C. In the afternoon the thermometer reached the heady heights of 1C. Sat huddled over the computer with a coat stretched like a tent over me and the screen. Inside the makeshift tent hoping that the hot tea and the heat from the CPU would fend of frost bite. Lovely

Little things are sent to test us. Maybe it’s the frostbite but as soon as I got into the car a warning light came on. Car Key Battery Low – Change Battery. Not a problem as we have a vast collection of various types of batteries at home. Guess what. Having ransacked the house I found 11 different types of battery but unbelievably not one which would fit the key. So let’s hope the key has enough juice left to allow me to get to the shop in the morning.

Little things are sent to test us. Like WordPress being most vexing. For the last 6 months the WP Ipad app has been hopeless. Well not sure what has happened but it is now firing on at least 3 cylinders. Best it’s been for a while. Not saying much but at least it’s partly working. Unfortunately we come to the Yang. Now my WP email updates are a disaster. They arrive as normal but it’s impossible to do anything with them. That leaves trying to read and comment using the app – that is the cylinder which is misfiring. How can it be so difficult to leave a comment or just like something. Just so frustrating.

Little things are sent to try us. Spelling Tests for a Dyslexic. If son doesn’t sit the test then he will be given zero marks and this will rule out any chance of him moving up sets this year. But if he does sit the test he will be given no help and no marking adjustments – setup to fail. As son has decided to try the test he has been practising the words. After much frustration (from both child and parent) Son announced.

This is not happening. I’ve got a photograph in my head of all the words and will just see what happens on Thursday. I can find better things to spend my time on. I can name every English Monarch since 827. Their main achievements, notable events, claim to the throne and how they died. I know it been no use at this school but it’s fascinating. So I’m going to do the same with the French Monarchy. Much better use of my time.

And off he went on his quest. If a child has a passion then that passion should be given every opportunity to flourish. Our bureaucratic education system has forgotten this. Thankfully kids and many parents have not. That’s why there is always hope. Hope in little things.

39 thoughts on “Little things

  1. Handwriting and spelling when everything is typed and auto-(in)corrected… SMH!

    I dont use the WP app anymore. I sign into the WP
    dot com and it still gives me a “mobile friendly” view. I dont know about apple though cuz I’m an android user.🤷🏼‍♀️ worth a try.

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  2. Oh I had a little things day on Sunday. They are irksome. Oh, your son has frustrating battles at school. Uggghhh. Hope the battery makes it. I don’t have the app either – although I have had my share of problems on the computer too. Here’s hoping to a better tomorrow.

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      1. Hmmmm, okay. The marathon I was hoping to train for is on Sunday. Hard to get out of my mind that I couldn’t get through the training. But my foot seems fine for five mile runs. I haven’t pushed the distance in a while. Part of me feels like I SHOULD. The other part just says, “Just stop the distance” but I don’t know if the thought is saying “For now” or “for good.” I don’t want it to be “for good” but I can’t do what I once did time wise. And I never will if I can’t get my mind to believe in me. WOW, that’s an answer 🙂 Like therapy 🙂 So….how is running coming along for you? 🙂

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      2. You speak wise words. I’m sort of in your place. Not running far enough for the brain but maybe the body is shouting let’s just enjoy the shorter distances and be pain free. Oh I don’t know what to do Robyn. The last few injuries have shattered my confidence in what I can do. I probably could go for a long run tomorrow but I’m not sure the spirit would let me.

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      3. I was hoping to get one in on Saturday. We’ll see if my heart gets me there (and then through it). Good luck to you in yours, though! Let’s try to stay positive, I’ll try, you try, and hopefully we’ll enjoy whatever we can do 🙂

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  3. Oh, the little things will indeed drive you up a wall. That cold, though — my word! When I was teaching I worked with students who had dyslexia. They worked five times as hard but the sense of accomplishment when they mastered material was wonderful to witness!

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  4. It definitely is all about the living things.. it’s funny though. Your day sounded so much like mine with little mishaps all day and testing me as well … wait till you read my recent posts grr! I do not know what happened and then it repeated itself. I would delete it but I worked so long on it I may just recopy it tomorrow .. 🙄

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      1. That’s such a shame. It’s not even part of the GCSE French course but there are ways of sneaking it in if you think about it. When we did the topic of friends and family, I got my kids to do Louis XIV’s family tree. 🌞 👑

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      2. Oh, I’m constantly finding ways to squeeze in things that aren’t part of the curriculum! French literature isn’t part of the GCSE but we’ve done a bit of Jules Verne, and one kid created a story that combined the plots of Around The World In 80 Days, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea AND Journey To The Centre Of The Earth! 😱 I wish your son could come to my classes.

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