The walk across the local farm land always felt like top toeing across a minefield. Constantly looking down at my feet for the myriad little surprises. Cow piles, sheep droppings, mole hills, rabbit holes…. BUT NOW after weeks of walking exactly the same path it’s all changed. Suddenly my brain seems to have mapped out the various dangers. Now I can look up and take in the view. Luckily one view I don’t need to take in is my face. It’s definitely a face fit for radio.

It was Wrestlemania this weekend. It went ahead without a crowd. We now have a tradition in our house that we stay up and watch it live. Have a party and a bit of a challenge. See who is best at predicting the results. Last year my inevitable defeat cost me a painful forfeit. Eating the hottest chilli we could find in the supermarket. My eyes are still watering. This year the stakes were raised significantly…..

With his Aspergers, Son is often a creature of habit. Change is avoided. That includes things like clothes. As he grows out of stuff we need to find larger versions of his existing items. That also applies to me. He doesn’t like me to change. I have wanted to go for a really short hair cut for years. Unfortunately that has never been approved by his Lordship. Until now.

Ok Dad let’s stake your hair on Wrestlemania. If you win the prediction game then you can have your haircut. But if I win you can’t AND it will cost you your beard.”

Son found some old photos of us as a family of 3 featuring a beardless Dad. I think he secretly wanted me to go back to that look. So Wrestlemania came and went. I gave up counting after Son successfully predicted the first 10 matches and I DIDN’T. The end result – the beard went. I’m not sure I recognise that face in the mirror anymore. Son says I look younger. I’m not sure about that but we can both agree on one thing. It’s still definitely a face best suited to radio.

Stay safe everyone.

102 thoughts on “Fit for radio

  1. I’m sure your face, like every face, tells a story. I’m also sure that anyone who cares to look, would see your soul shining through that face.

    I’m glad Son won🎉💃🏼. Good one Dad😉! Was there a time limit on the beard or are you going to regrow it?

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  2. You are way too mean to yourself. I think it’s a self conscious thing. I always point out negative things about myself quickly so nobody else gets a chance to. It’s a protective thing I guess. Well… atleast you we’re able to get rid of some of your excessive hair. Keep betting! Perhaps you’ll get thar haircut yet!

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    1. Excessive hair? What is that?
      “Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen. Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer. Here, baby, there, mama, ev’rywhere, daddy daddy hair. I let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees, there’s a home for the fleas in my hair. A home for the fleas, a hive for the buzzin’ bees, a nest for birds, there aint no words for the beauty, the splendour, and the wonder of my hair. Flow it, show it long as I can grow it my hair. I want it long, straight, curly, fuzzy, raggy, mattsy, oily, greasy, fleecy, knotted, polka-dotted, twisted, beaded, braided, powdered, flowered, and confettied, mangled, tangled, spangled, and SPAGHETTIed. Oh, say, can you see my eyes? If you can then my hair’s too short. My hair like Jesus wore it, hallelujah, I adore it, Hallelujah, Mary loved her son. Why don’t my mommy love it? Hairrrrrrrrrrrr.”
      (Yeah, I made a couple of screw-ups, but for 52 years ago I think I did okay.) And my hair is longer now than it ever was then, lol.

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  3. My dad had a goatee beard for most of his life. He make the mistake of shaving it once. His face ended up looking like a potato!
    I helped my husband give himself a haircut yesterday. Just the back so he wouldn’t end up with a mullet. He did the rest. Don’t tell him but the bit I did looks awful! Your better off just leaving your hair alone for the foreseeable.

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    1. He will never notice. Can you pop over and do mine? It’s funny my dad had a little moustache and he shaved it off. He got so annoyed when nobody noticed. I was thinking about the series your doing this month. I think that maybe you should include yourself one day? Look after yourself xx

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      1. I always smile cos Kieran Webster was in my younger girl’s primary class. never forgot how the girls all fought to get to be over him at the P7 leavers concert to get to be Sandy to to his Danny at Summer nights. But she was being Sandy and then the two of them stood there like two bozos. But I do have him on an old vid of one of her birthday parties where the kids all came dressed up and he came as a rock star and told said on camera that was what he was going to be and keep his mum who was on her own.

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      2. On the while we prefer these types of bands, or smaller festivals, like our own lifeboat beer one, Dundee Almost Blue. We have had amazing times at these things. We’re kind of at the stage of preferring that to the big fork out in order to see some big name on a screen basically…

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      1. Awww.. The Bothy Bar was part of the Breadalbane–the Bread– and a hostelry had stood on that actual site since the mid 1700s when it would have been outwith the city boundary. It was a good going bar and restaurant sometimes called the Howff at a time when pubs didn’t serve food as such and upstairs they did live music..and underage drinking I guess at nights. Anyway it went up in flames eventually and sadly is not more. But it was a classic of its day/


  4. Your self-deprecating humor never fails to amuse me. My nephew and his wife make hot sauce using chili peppers and other ingredients I am not privy to. As they were growing their business my nephew would post videos of himself eating these peppers. He posted one that featured him eating a jalapeno pepper (i think that’s what it was) with tears running down his face. It was quite a funny little piece as he tried to explain the heat of the pepper and how it would lead to the hottest hot sauce in their line of products. I cannot eat peppers of any kind – that particular vegetable hates me, no matter how mild or hot. So, I do not have any personal knowledge of just what that lost wager cost you, but I can still sympathize thanks yo my nephew’s videos.

    “A face fit for radio,” you say. Somehow I think you are just being the humble and self-deprecating person we, your readers, have come to know. At any rate I applaud the fact that you are sensitive to your son’s wants and needs. That’s so awesome – so many parents could learn a lot from you.

    Thanks for the chuckles and the smile that is now plastered on my face. God bless and stay safe.

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      1. I agree. It’s funny how those who like to make fun of other people can never take it when it’s dished out to them. Evidence of a person who does not have good self-esteem when a person has to put others down to feel important themselves. It’s sad really.

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  5. Challenge him to the balancing on one leg game. Maybe practice a bit more first though! Then get your hair cut when you win. Only problem, if you lose what else will he come up with? 🙈😳

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      1. 😂😂
        To be honest I’m going to need up do that myself soon for real. I do not like my chances with it turning out at all well. I normally only allow very skilled professionals put wax anywhere near me!!!

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