These are strange times. Time for drastic action.

Stand by the panic rooms people, it might be time to HIDE – I’ve been baking again.

I had a go at baking some cheese scones last night. Mutant ones. Dairy, Gluten and Egg Free. No baking powder. Luckily I have stumbled on a reasonable plant based cheese. Applewood.

Previous attempts with other vegan cheeses have produced a taste sensation somewhere between soggy paper and wallpaper paste. Even though I was armed with a decent cheese, I was still not taking any chances. Time to through some flavours in with reckless abandon. Chilli, Cayenne, Turmeric and Sugar.

The end results well….. It clearly didn’t matter how long those mutant scones stayed in the oven, they were coming out like an anemic ghost. Remarkably the taste was actually not too bad at all. I will class that as a result. OK, Son was far from impressed

“It looks like something from the XFILES and I dread to think what Gordon Ramsey would call it. I’m now off to use some mouthwash.”

So a few teething issues with the recipe. But I am not deterred. Setbacks make you stronger. So I’m going to return to scones but this time no holding back on the ingredients. I’m thinking Worcester Sauce, ginger, curry, Tabasco……

You have been warned.

69 thoughts on “Hide

  1. I love the picture of the moggie!!! He’s beautiful! And, once I came to the picture of the scone, I fully understood why he was hiding! I see an evil face in that scone … scars and a wicked grimace. My heart goes out to your son! 😉 The squirrels and birds might not be so discriminating and might like them just fine.

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  2. No no no… blueberry scones, please.

    Cheese scones sounds good but with garlic & oregano.

    I’ve not yet tasted ANY vegan baked goods that are as yummy. I can do without the lard and go vegetarian but I’m a FIEND for dairy!

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  3. I’m trying a new recipe today also.  Crackers Barrel’s meatloaf k knockoff.  Here it is:

    It’s in the oven.  I had to substitute saltines for Ritz crackers and no bell pepper.  My daughter makes it and it’s very good.  If you are like me. I prefer cold meatloaf sandwiches the next day.😂

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  4. I have to use the fake ingredients too and my goodness, there are times I look at my creation with the worst look on my face. Glad yours was good! Always a nice surprise when that happens!

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  5. Every seeming failure is actually a success. Like Edison said, he knows thousand of ways how a light bulb doesn’t work… You are like Edison. Wow, is that cool 😳

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