You know your garden is badly overgrown when you manage to fill a wheelie wheelie big Wheelie Bin full of weeds in less than 15 minutes. I guess that’s one of the advantages of council refuse collections only happening every two weeks. After only a few minutes weeding you might as well stop for 2 weeks.

I have to say the weeds didn’t go without a fight again. Nothing like trying to pull out angry nettles. They are the Sith Lords of the garden kingdom. Today I was prepared. Thickest gloves I could find, long sleeve top and combat trousers. I still have a lot to learn in the ways of the dark side. One particular large nettle was refusing to come out of the ground. With one final effort the nettle exploded out of the Yorkshire soil. Unfortunately far too much upward force had been applied and the delightful stinging plant whacked me in the face and neck. Shall we just say it’s smarting a tad….

I wasn’t weeding out of choice. The house had become very much off limits. Son had to voice record a presentation for school. He was suitably unimpressed. So to try and not put him off, I went outside to garden. I’m not sure how it finally sounded and I’ve promised him not to listen to it. But the barbed mutterings from inside the house did make me smile.

How am I supposed to perform under theses conditions….

Typical I do a good one and I forget to start recoding the stupid thing….

I bet Johnny Depp would struggle with this script….

And breathe….

Argh, why does this microphone make me sound like a Sith from Star Wars….

Oh for the love of …. I’m sounding like a chipmunk now….

Oh god I’m starting to sound like my Dad….

Sadly he is starting to sound like his Dad. My habit of shouting at pieces of technology has clearly rubbed off on him. I just wish these nettle stings would rub off me now. I definitely have a face perfect for radio tonight.

105 thoughts on “Nettles

      1. Not as much as I’d like .. there’s been a lot of family health things going on. Been quite difficult at times. But I have kept going and I turned to editing what I had rather than beat my brains to bits every day A lot of us have been struggling, those with families mainly. The ones who don’t and are sat at home with a partner but have no other family at all? They are starting to get on everyone’s tits big time in terms of their daily blahs re their word counts, their dressing up as their characters and all that keech…

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  1. I yell at our DSL service a lot because so much as a strong breeze or rain drops and net goes out. It’s also slow sometimes and I’ve taught my daughter the filthiest word that can be used in our home- buffering. Eek! LOL.

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  2. Oh, I yell at inanimate objects, plants, my own body parts… looks like the nettles yelled back…oops! I don’t have any gloves…oh darn, such a shame. The weeds just keep growing in my yard.🤷🏼‍♀️
    You’re an awesome, supportive dad!🌟🏅🥇💖💌

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      1. The worst of it is that I tend to notice them when I’m outside in the summer. Every time, I think: “I’m sure I’ll be okay pulling these up while wearing short sleeves.”

        I never learn.

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  3. When I started on the garden a few weeks back, I had the battle of all time with the nettles and thorns. I became quite aggressive and my gardening gloves and long sleeve top lulled me into a false sense of security. I was invincible, or so I thought ….
    one rather large thorn branch had actually grown into two other gardens and I pulled, and pulled and then pulled some more. It just kept coming until BAM …. it hit me right across the face and stuck in my hair and poked in my eye. They are not our friends …

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  4. Wheelie bin? That’s nothing! I could probably fill my rickety garden shed with weeds if I was more diligent at weeding, there’s already lots of bin liners of ivy in there!

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      1. I’ve got blackbirds, sparrows and robins hanging out in our ivy. That’s partly why I don’t cut it back much (and partly because I’m a lazy gardener!).

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      2. Thankfully we don’t have any on the house itself, but I think it’s making the fences rickety :/ and I think we have a starling family in the roof too 🙂

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  5. That’s funny! The voice recordings are an issue here too. I should just leave the room like you did. Every time I try to help one little lassie just yells, “Mom, will you just STOP!” 🙂 She likes me, I know it deep down 🙂

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  6. Nettle leaf tea is an antihistamine and will get rid of the rash caused by the nettles. They are also very nutritious and can be added to soups or stir fries. I am actually trying to propagate some and I cringe whenever I hear of someone trying to get rid of them.

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  7. Both you and your son get some laughs from me on this one. And ouch, you do a good deed by trying to make things more comfortable for your son and the foliage wakes up. Ah, nothing like a good barb from the greenery.

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  8. Loved the blurbs you overheard – and so many of us have been dealing with tech stuff – I know his was recording (and kind dad you are to care enough to weed and tidy up – those little efforts often go under the radar – but when kids are impacted deep inside when a parent does that – some parents are jerks) anyhow – last month I had a Virtual meeting And it was on a different platform than what my computer had – I was saying some blurbs of my own as I downloaded the app with a extra thirty steps because my settings were so messed up. My hubs was there for tech support – but one of those days!
    Thankfully It worked out well
    But you shared a great snapshot of life here – and the Star Wars connections were bonus points

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  9. Haha excellent! If you have that many nettles my friend — why not douse them in water and turn them once every 24 hours? Put them into a pile – shovel cut them, cover them with something heavy, have them in no more than a 3x3x3 pile and hot compost them down. The seeds will be destroyed by the heat.

    So brilliant – Typical I do a good one and I forget to start recoding the stupid thing…. ! I did this once many moons ago!

    Great post!

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  10. Hey I’ve got an idea. You can cook the nettles and eat them! I remember my parents doing that to us a children and I was genuinely worried I might turn into a witch!

    Then you can start filling empty that wheelie bin up again… 😁

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  11. He has my sympathetic displeasure at such things. My voice, when I hear it returned to me, has the most disaffected bored teen-age layabout sound to it. How the h3ck people can stand to hear me I don’t know.

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