Meet one of our gardens true characters. This is Rico. Yes named after the truly mad penguin from Madagascar and The Penguins of Madagascar. Rico is a bit of a show off. Our world is better for characters like Rico and wow does it need it at present.

It’s been another day of Monty Python Government here. First we had the Scientific Officer confirm that the vast majority of first and second infections in the UK came from air travellers returning from Italy, France and Spain. We then had a senior Government Minister arguing that no possible reason exists to justify introducing screening at UK airports. Ok…. Yesterday we had the Government talking up the plan to reopen many schools in three weeks as it was safe to do so. Today we have Scotland’s Government arguing that the science is clear that it’s far too early to consider opening schools. And then we get the Foreign Secretary arguing that only partial opening of schools is safe. Ok…

We have a Health Minister who is gloating as we apparently reached his target of carrying out 100000 virus tests per day on the 30th April. We will ignore the fact that most other countries are carrying out more tests. We only reached his target because he included 50000 test packs which had been rather conveniently posted out to people on that very day. That’s like me sending out 50000 letters asking for a date and then counting all of them as actual dates. After the deadline we have slipped well below the 100k testing target again but that apparently doesn’t matter now as the target has now been ticked off. I tell you what – I am with many millions of Britain’s who are getting seriously ticked off with a certain Health Minister.

AND while we are on the subject of seriously ticked off. Why can’t I bake. After all the years of practice and yet it is still clearly beyond me. Today I foolishly decided to try my hand at a French Baguette. A gluten and dairy free one. It went into the oven looking like something which wouldn’t be out of place in Parisian Boulangerie. It came out like something Baron Frankenstein had created and then immediately binned. It was basically the same shape as a cow pat. It was also as easy to cut as reinforced steel. I can’t even give that to Rico and pals. Thankfully one person is this house has talent. After he stopped laughing Son said

You know what I can use that for. I will paint it and I can use it as a model.”

So my baguette was transformed into a remote island with snow covered mountain ranges, fast flowing rivers and deep lakes.

I bet if Gordon Ramsey had created this, it would have been called a ****** masterpiece and deserving of international recognition. That seriously ticks me off.

96 thoughts on “Ticked Off

  1. I have to say that is absolutely THE WORST excuse for a French Baguette I have ever in my life seen!!! A gluten-free baguette simply is NOT going to work, my friend!!! NO … just no. On a brighter note, Rico is beautiful and your country is as f***ed up as my own. Sigh. Hugs. xx

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  2. The only reason it would be considered a work of art from Ramsay is because he cursed everyone into submission of saying it’s a work of art. 😉

    Rico is a cutie.

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  3. i think the whole world is just insane right now..our U.S. stories are some good rivals to this one.End the lockdowns? don’t end them? partially open back up? ok…no..only some wait, counties can be partially open..if they go about it in the way the,wait- the governor says..but the president says not to listen to the governors…of his own states…
    ….i give up

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  4. First, Rico looks like a good addition to a garden. Secondly, you may be having a time of it trying to bake, but you are stimulating the imagination of your son. Ala in all not too terrible.

    I think trying to make something gluten and dairy free is a little more challenging that just making something regular.

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  5. Very spring-like masterpiece 🙂 hopefully, not only in a color. About “governments”… they are lost. They just wanna gain votes (for d future) and power by blabbling BS (or anything, really…)

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  6. Gluten and dairy free?? You have serious ambition!! My first few attempts at regular bread were great rocks!
    Honestly, our governments are scarier than the virus.
    Rico is awesome! Where are Skipper, Kowalski and Private?

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  7. That’s a seriously impressive baguette! I’ll be honest, gluten free baking isn’t easy but I have a post this coming Saturday that hopefully you’ll like.

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  8. Your son’s eye is outstanding — painting it was a stroke of genius and let him make something fun. You need to grant yourself grace on the baking front, though. Baking is SUPER hard but people act like it’s nothing to make a cake or bread. BREAD, for heaven’s sake! Baking bread well is one of the hardest things there is. 🙂

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  9. I’m ticked off too. Things in the USA are just plain mad and I can’t listen to any more BS or I shall “lose it” as they say. Gov. Cuomo the only one who makes sense.
    I love that your son has a sense of humour too. He will go far that lad.

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  10. You should enrol yourself for the Best Baguette Competition in Paris! I am certain you’ll win the grand prix for creativity 😀

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  11. It is a day to be ticked off for sure. Trump is opening the country and disbanding the pandemic team (who did nothing – except for the doctors that they didn’t let speak enough). I’m ticked off because this damn virus will be here for many years to come. We all need to rethink how we socialize and live during these times. Grrrr

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  12. I can’t make bread either!!! The time I tried, I think the yeast didn’t activate but I don’t know. I ate mine… it had the consistency of a bagel and tasted delicious.

    I love how your son put yours to use!!

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  13. Gary, I admire you for always finding a link to get from one topic to another one… I was instantly laughing. You know what, simply come over and have some blueberry muffins. I made some today. Other than that, now your son has a model!! Mission fulfilled!

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  14. Ha ha bloody brilliant – that’s like a Diorama – it makes me think of a story l have, l must write that … my carrotty custard would have loved your bake!! Excellent post!

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  15. Is this your movie one? Lol

    We love the Penguins of Madagascar … we love all those movies – they are hilarious ❤️

    At least your baguette did not totally go to waste lol … was good attempt keep trying it will happen lol

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      1. I’ll watch for it ✌️

        Hmm been awhile… Rico has everything you ever need in his belly right?

        And skipper is the one with the plans ? The ruler of the penguins?

        Maurice is king Julians keeper lol – he is very serious lol

        I like King Julian… he always has fun, does his own thing and dances around lol 😄✌️ plus he’s really funny!! Thinks he’s all bad ass lol … yeah he’s funny

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