Weather and more weather. Looks like an incoming horror storm.

Son was trying to understand why Stephen Kings ‘IT’ Book was not a great choice for a school book. I suspect it will be making an appearance on the school system as soon as I turn my back.

Dad do you remember that time I got you told you off not the teacher.”

How could I forget it.

It was very funny.”


I think that he was about 7 and in class his teacher asked what things the kids watched on TV. Most of the kids mentioned things like football, Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, Spongebob and Finding Nemo. That was until it came to a certain boy

My Dad lets me watch Dracula, Frankenstein, Ghost and Zombie movies…”

Understandably Teacher was not impressed. So I was asked to see the teacher after school. I was suitably nonplused until the penny dropped. Yes that is true but son failed to mention the fact that these were all with Scooby Doo….

65 thoughts on “IT

  1. Hahah….
    We very recently watched ‘IT’ on Netflix. My man Keith is sitting beside me and we can’t quite remember if it was Netflix. However, we didn’t really enjoy it (no pun intended) and couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. All that aside; how funny this story is – it has really made us chuckle.
    How did your son’s teacher react when you explained the Scooby Doo angle?

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  2. What happened to “Angry Clouds” IT has vanished. I went to leave a comment, but page can’t be found. It made me laugh. The last photo was especially angry looking.

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  3. We had some fantastic skies like that last summer. Not so much this year but this morning as we were eating breakfast there was suddenly a clap of thunder directly overhead and one of the cats jumped out of her skin and went tearing around the house. Not fair sneaking up like that!

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      1. Hell I retweeted that picture after coming across it on a twitter account that just loves him NOT.(It was the front of that rag the Daily Mail, picture where he is shoving his fat bahookie in our faces. Naturally I could contain myself from saying so.

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  4. Those are some ominous clouds! Here, that would indicate a tornado warning will soon sound … luckily, we’ve had none so far this year. As for that teacher … I think I would have given her a few pieces of my mind and told her if she wanted to raise my kid, she can move in at any time! 🀐

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  5. Luckily my ex and I were known at school. We did classroom volunteering and PTA etc… Older and Younger both have a love for the dark side. We always let the girls watch what they wanted, and watched with them. They learned the Time Warp at very young ages.

    Movies aren’t any worse than what the “news media” shows. At least movies are “make believe”.

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  6. I swear kids do it on purpose.

    When they were talking about Brexit, the teacher asked them what they knew about it, and my darling son stuck his hand up and said my mummy says its a complete shit storm.

    I got pulled in for that one, I was just thrilled that he hadn’t mentioned my views on the Tory party, although I swear to God, I didn’t think he would have heard me swear, unless he was in bed and awake listening to me ranting

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