This was the arrival of the next storm wave. It’s a bit lively.

So as we wait for the weather to pass then it’s time for another new game. A game of 5. Your given a subject and have 5 seconds to come up with an answer. I don’t know is not allowed. 5 seconds is not a lot of time. The time pressure leads to some interesting answers.

Ok Dad, you are to be stranded on a remote island. What 5 foods would you want to have with you?”

Ice Cream, Crisps, Chocolate, Pizza and erm Jam….

Ok Dad your putting together a wild party which 5 famous people would you invite?”

Keith Moon, Jim Morrison, Ozzy, Lemmy and, and erm Skipper from Madagascar Penguins.

Ok Dad your having a zoom call with famous people who are going to spend an hour remote learning you. Who are the 5 teachers?”

Carl Sagan, David Attenborough, Leonardo da Vinci, erm Tom Hanks and Judi Dench.

5 foods you would love to eat starting with the letter T?”

Turnip (hate them), Tomato Soup, Toast, erm Tin something and Toad….

5 favourite King and Queens?”

Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, Henry V, erm BB King and King Julian (Madagascar Penguins)

Dad name 5 types of sandwiches?”

Easy Cheese, Jam, Sausage… oh erm bread and erm tea. Here’s a question is a slice of bread sandwiched between two other slices of bread a bread sandwich or just 3 slices of bread. I certainly won’t be trying a tea sandwich…..

In 5 seconds Name 5 really big things?”

Mount Everest, Trumps ego, my bottom, 15 inch pizza and a camel..

In 5 seconds name 5 US Presidents?”

Obama, Kennedy, Clinton, Hoover and erm Whitmore… Yes I know he’s from Independence Day but I panicked….

And the storm has passed, so it’s time to go outside and summon up our inner Peppa Pig. Time to jump in some muddy puddles.

69 thoughts on “5

    1. What about an egg salad sandwich, or a PB&J. Grilled cheese is a great sarnie. They used to serve us cheddar cheese and onion in jail. But toasted BLT on ukrainian rye is the best in the world.

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      1. Ukrainian rye is a delicacy, especially hot out of the oven with fresh butter. It’s white bread that’s disgusting, followed clisely by 60% whole wheat. And even birds won’t eat Wonder Bread!

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  1. I love this game! But dang … you did a heck of a lot better than I could have … especially on the ones about celebrities and the foods that begin with ‘T’ … all I can think of is tacos!

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  2. Lol on the presidents

    That’s alright – I couldn’t name your Kings and Queens … I know “some” and I say that loosely

    That’s weird… you know Kings and Queen’s and I do not … I know presidents … that’s weird – very interesting… did not think of that

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      1. lol … well we learn about you… but alot of it is centered around the American Revolution ✌️😘 … you are referred to as “Red Coats” Lol … yeah the American Revolution is a big section, so is our civil war.

        We do touch on major historical events around the world throughout history.

        You history always seemed like fantasy? Kings and Queens – Royalty, knights etc… these crazy stories of how it was and what they did. Much more fantastic than ours … I do remember bits and pieces – your castles and churches amaze me with their grandeur and history!! Your stories ARE incredible!

        But yours seemed less free? Religion and taxes were a huge deal, seemed a little oppressive? Chopping my head off – or whatever ✌️

        I love the story of Arthur and Merlin ❤️ that was always my favorite!

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      2. Well the reason to look back is… those who forget their past are condemned to repeat… which seems to be true in regards to 1918 vs 2020 🤨

        Really??? 😮 how do you handle guns?

        And your FDA is stricter than ours?? 😮 (Food and Drug Administration)

        I am so curious!

        I don’t like any of Trumps deals. He might be president again? I dunno… our choices are not the best… Trump or Biden – pick your poison

        I wish JFK Jr didn’t die… I would want him. That would be our American Royalty kinda lol ✌️ our Camelot

        But I dunno he just seemed poised and obviously he knew politics.

        But that is not an option so again Trump or Biden – 4 years 😩😩😩 through corona 😩😩😩 ugh

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  3. My answer to “5 favourite King and Queens?”

    King Louie from the Jungle Book.
    Queen (Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon).
    Thats 5 (1 King and 4 Queens) 🙂

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  4. Ha ha. Brilliant. Toad…? Toad in the hole obvi… I did laugh at your foods in the first answer and then looking at your famous party folks, think.. Need a bit more than pizza and ice cream for this lot.

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  5. This is a great game! We used to play an alphabet game when we couldn’t sleep , pick a theme like girls names or boys names, fruit and veg, song titles on a theme, etc then take it in turns going through the alphabet. We blame Lincs FM as they had the Alphabeat challenge every Saturday and I always rang in!

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      1. Another game the boys used to like was to pick a nine letter word out of the paper and then in 30 seconds make as many words of 3 letters or more out of it. They got a point for each word, two points for getting one the other didn’t, and three points for words that us adults didn’t get! Prize was a lollipop out of the jar. It helped the youngest with his spelling, that was until we played I spy in the car and he said something beginning with ‘L’. we wracked our brains and couldn’t get it, so had to give in. The answer? Grass, meaning lawn.
        I do like your game of 5 though. Your lad is an inspiration.

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