I tried to get an appointment to see my doctor for the first time since the pandemic hit. That was an experience….

  • First listen to the 3 minute recorded message about the pandemic,
  • Then listen to another recorded message about the importance of wearing masks,
  • Now listen to a message about the doctors and nurses avoiding making unnecessary face to face contact with patients,
  • Then join the queue for a receptionist,
  • Finally a real person. Need to describe any symptoms and the reason for calling. I can have a telephone appointment for later in the day,
  • Doctor calls and basically says that it is currently unsafe to bring patients in for appointments. Much safer to stay at home and avoid crowds. A few questions and then it’s a quick medical opinion. Time for stress busting, relax, have a break and hopefully things will sort themselves out. Probably been trying to burn the candle at both ends since 2016.

Having a break is not happening so it’s stress busting time.

  • Eating healthily – well I will try……
  • Mediation – I really must get my head round this, more free apps downloaded…..
  • Mindfulness – I thought that was mediation, free apps downloaded……
  • Yoga – the mind is willing the body is less inclined to bend…..
  • Plenty of sleep – I’m trying, been trying for ages……
  • Go hill walking – not going to happen this side of Christmas, tempted to add 2022……
  • Calming and relaxing music – I guess that rules out metal then…..
  • Make time for friends and doing fun stuff with them – I certainly will……
  • Find more time for reading – it would be great if I could……
  • Herbal teas – ok I can do this one……

In a nut shell I will try to improve things but need to recognise the current life limits. Maybe the secret is to be grateful for the life I have and to smile. Yes smiling more is a good start.

Sometimes the penny drops….

86 thoughts on “Penny drops

  1. I have needed to go to the doctor for some regular concerns, but I have hesitated because everything was closed, the questions and the need for COVID patients need to be seen before me. When is the right time? I was relieved when I heard I could schedule a regular appointment online and avoid all the questions, not feel guilty for wasting their time, and just wait until they could see me. I haven’t done that yet either though. Maybe tomorrow!

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  2. I find NIN to be incredibly relaxing. I theorize that it’s because the intensity matches my brain’s intensity. I used to fall asleep to “The Downward Spiral”.

    I’m lucky I can still get xanax for my anxiety. Since it no longer helps me fall asleep, I’ve been taking antihistamines a few night a week. Great sleep and loads of crazy dreams!!

    I hope you find something that works for you!!

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      1. They are sooooo outstanding live!! State of the art light show (they usually debut new inventions) and thousands of people singing along to Hurt.

        A lot of their pro concert films are on Youtube.

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  3. I like your to-do list! Especially hill walking and making time to have fun with friends…they are my goals now that the NHS is finally letting us have some holiday time!

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  4. I love your attitude and your view on yourself and how you can take car of yourself. At least, you have some really effective cures at hands… but… you wanted to see a doctor because you needed a professional opinion too. I can barely believe his reaction. Sorry, but that doctor doesn’t take his patients serious enough in my eyes. Maybe you should see a different one.

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  5. Smile. I mean what the hell else can you exactly do here?? My Mr has acute stress and the most effective thing is to say, you can’t change the event but you can change the reaction. Right now? Well. .. That tangle with the GP and it is a tangle… that would give anyone screaming fits. I guess at least you know from the experience with your son recently that when needed, they are there. It is a safety net. But also without ‘right now’ , you do have a lot of things in your life that would cause many to run screaming round the garden. But there it is. I think if you see things need to change, it is a start and if you also see that you can do some stuff on a list then you have to just take the stuff, even if it is two things, rather than getting into the heavy breathing re the stuff that you just can’t do.

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  6. Hubby was on hold for 17 minutes the other day but eventually got through to a receptionist who arranged the doc to call back around midday.
    4pm and no call so I rang, another 15 minutes on hold, and then told that he was on the list and they couldn’t guarantee a time, but it should be before 6.
    The call came at 6.15. Got a result though. CT scan being requested.
    We do a lot of self analysis before ringing the surgery. Logic rules, but there are times when you want to reach down the phone and yank out the recorded messages..
    Lights and punching out comes to mind…….

    Take care Gary and keep doing what you do.

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  7. I’m in a similar boat, and all those things are wonderful, but who’s got the time. I find the one thing that helps me most is my attitude at the start of the day. If I get up groaning about being tired, being depressed, pain here and there, I’m doomed for the day. But, if I have a brief chat with myself first thing and say, “You will not let the pain and tiredness dominate … you are going to bounce out of this bed and be productive!”, then I have a much better (and more productive) day. If I can get several chores out of the way in the first hour, the rest of the day seems to flow fairly well. Of course you have a whole set of problems that are beyond my own, but try to, as you said, be thankful for what you do have, and push the rest out of your mind for the day. Hugs, my friend. xx

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  8. Lists are great if you allow yourself to not achieve them all. You have some pretty cool things on your list though so start with the ones you can do! My body doesn’t like bending but I figure if I’ve taken 15 mins out to attempt a couple of stretches then it’s better than no time out at all. I’m sure friends would love to find time to do fun stuff with you. That’s a great one. Personally, I’m really trying with the herbal tea but … yuk some of those beasts taste AWFUL!!!

    Keep smiling my friend. I really like it when I know you are smiling. X

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  9. For what it’s worth, this works for me. Sit outside and close your eyes. Clear your mind of all thoughts. If thoughts intrude, don’t get frustrated or give up, just try to push them back again. Set a timer for five minutes for the first days. You will lengthen the time as you adapt to the practice. You can also do it inside with a candle. Soon you will learn to tune out outside distractions too

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