We live on a hill. A not very big hill. But a nice one. This is the slope dropping down into the flat Vale of York. The Vale stretches for mile after mile. This gentle grassy slope is also our sledging run during winter. It’s not very steep but it’s long enough to generate enough speed. Enough to send this Dad flying through the air. That takes lots of momentum. Even those massive NASA Saturn 5 rockets would struggle to lift my butt into the air.

We don’t get much snow. But when we do it’s time to get to our hill slope.

What could possibly go wrong. The first time we tried sledging here Hawklad asked if I would safety test the run first. I reassured him that it was perfectly safe. I set off from the top and a few seconds later smashed into the tree at the bottom. I was like a precision guided missile. A missile with a large butt carrying much momentum. At least the padding helped protect me.

So when the snow comes again – what could possibly go wrong.

58 thoughts on “Saturn 5

  1. Lovely post. When we first moved to Lincolnshire in 2007, Maggie had never seen snow, then at Easter 2008 we woke up to three feet of the stuff. She was not impressed. The locals were out on trays and planks, and the DIY shop in town made a killing on plastic sleds having got a job lot the year before that nobody wanted. It was not unusual to be driving down the road and seeing adults having races down the banks whilst the kids sulked because they couldn’t have a go.

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      1. I am somewhere in the middle today. That doesn’t really tell you if I’m smiling lots. I’m smiling some, but I am a bit contemplative and I had a really noisy morning. It’s quieted down now. So maybe I can finally contemplate better. 😀

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  2. My kids used to love sledding and we have lots of hills and snow during the winter. This year it’s like they both decided the walk back up the hill dragging the sled wasn’t worth it. It didn’t help that the other town kids would get upset that they would walk back up in right in the path of where they wanted to come down totally oblivious. I’m going to search for a private hill this year. Giving up will just make these fat butts fatter, lol.

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  3. The ex and I used to take the girls into the mountains after a snow so they could slide down the hills. Fun memories.
    Ben has never been to the snow. He only knows it from movies. Maybe this year, if it snows. Our mountains don’t always get a lot.

    You dont have to crash just to hug the trees. No shame, just hug them. Skip the crashing part😉😂😂😂💌💌

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  4. We live on a hill as well. Perfect sledding hill. Your story reminds me of National Lampoon’s Christmas. I have a perfect image of your descent and landing. I’m sorry that it made me chuckle! 🙂

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  5. Oh wow!! That looks beautiful ❤️ how peaceful that looks!

    Lol on the tree 😄😄 … you son is so funny – he has you do a safety run 😄 smart kid… that’s hilarious

    You are really funny

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