Unlikely to get too many trips out to enjoy the wonderful autumnal colours this year. But at least I will spend more time looking at very our own mini displays. Too often these are not fully appreciated.

It is often the little things in life that we miss. Don’t fully appreciate. Take them for granted.

Before 2016 at this time of year we would drive as a family through the tree lined country roads to the local arboretum. A walk round the thousands of autumnal trees ending with a hot chocolate at the cafe. It’s not until these moments are gone that you realise how golden those times were.

After 2016 I would drive son to very the same arboretum. Trying to control a mad dog while son kicked around in the fallen leaves. Ending in the cafe now so he and the dog can enjoy a bacon butty. I would saviour a freshly ground full on caffeine burst. Golden days not possible this year.

So maybe those annoying fallen leaves in the front garden will actually come in useful. Let’s go and have a thrash about in them. Followed by a home made butty and yes a hot chocolate. Yes different times, but still golden times.

68 thoughts on “Golden times

  1. Sometimes we need reminding f what we take for granted. We all do. I imagine if you sweep up a big pile of leaves your sweet dog would have a ball jumping in it. I have been persuaded to let falling leaves lay and last year it worked a treat as they all blew off in the wind. Not much I can do about them anyway. I’m told “let Nature take care of it” and basically, here she does.

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  2. What one person finds annoying another person finds amazing. I love fallen leaves. πŸ˜€ Even if I had a yard full of them and it was my job to rake them up I think I would still love them. It would give me a reason to get outside and vary my excercise routine. Plus, the sound of leaves are wonderful. You need to walk through some crunchy leaves. Yes, it’s like walking through a pile of crisps. πŸ˜‚

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  3. I have such fond memories of walking through leaves as a child and kicking them up. I’m more likely to just enjoy the view these days. I wonder if you have a pestle and mortar, whether Hawklad would be interested in grinding different leaf colours and paint the leaf shapes on plain paper?

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      1. I recall this science experiment with ground up leaves. That for each leaf’s juice we had a different place at the bottom of a vertical piece of blotting paper to place one drop. Each drop then worked its way up the paper and dropped off different colours that were contained hidden in the leaf or was it from the top? I think it was from the bottom or a horizontal line not far from it. It was several years ago and a lot of memories have pushed that one to the back.

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      2. Isn’t it amazing how much junk and info and stuff we contain in these noggins? Things connecting to other things about this and that, about nonsense poems mixed with science projects and art touching our thoughts and joy at the taste of that new fruit for the first time and views of the sky and sadness looking out to sea and that horrid stink at the bottom of the dustbin and the sound of the postie knocking on the door when you’re expecting a parcel and the cat purring and falling over that thing… we are so much contained in these funny shaped bags of mostly water. πŸ₯›

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      3. All I can remember is the codes e.g. 01604 and maybe they might come in handy, perhaps? ☎️ Se I also remember there was a place to put your money at the side of the phone in a phone box, where the phone wasn’t buttons, but you had to literally put your finger in a dial and turn it. Now that’s a long while back when social media was a local newspaper delivered by a kid first thing.

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      4. I saw one of those book exchanges in a little village called Upleadon (not far from the spot some poacher on the other side of the hedge in the next field, fired a shot in my direction, causing me to impersonate Usain Bolt to the gate).

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  4. Absolutely beautiful! Good reminder to not take the little things for granted, find pleasure in what could be deemed irritating. Instead of curse those leaves on your lawn, see their beauty and kick them about as you would if you were on a hike with your family. Lovely!

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  5. I think this particular year urges and invites us to look to our closer surroundings. We cannot go too far away and automatically begin to appreciate and recognize the treasures that have been surrounding us all the time. I love this time of the year. I don’t know what it is but there is such a peaceful and comforting energy in those autumn days.

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      1. I am completely with you, Gary! My garden has been so lovely during the past weeks. Last weekend I began to clear plants out but still new flowers are still coming up and even my roses are still blossoming over and over again. I took some pictures but have not had the time yet for sharing them. Hopefully soon!

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  6. Still golden… YES!! We already have most everything we need. It’s too bad that it takes a world pandemic for most people to realize it… and some never do!

    Kicking up some leaves sounds like great fun, and it will get your blood pumping and bring out the belly laughs! Just don’t slip and fall on your bumπŸ˜‰πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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  7. All and any moments are things we should enjoy because we never know what the next one will be and even when it is, there’s still things lurking in the undergrowth of what could have, should have and never was, we are yet to find.

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