It’s wet. It’s cold. It’s dark. It feels like winter. At least the leaves are still in autumn mode.

It’s going to be a challenging few months.

School has now contacted all parents following the recent in school positive covid cases. Our sons year group have been instructed to return to school. However a further 57 pupils are being asked to self isolate for 14 days. It’s not just our school. Another 5 local schools have at least one year group isolating, with another school reporting its first cases today.

This is on the same day that the government once again stressed the civic responsibility to attend school. Schools are perfectly safe and the risk of infection is extremely low.

Are we supposed to believe you Boris?

I remember you telling university students to go back to college as it was their civic duty, it was perfectly safe and students would risk losing places if they refused. Just a few weeks later and in one local city 1600 of the 2200 new infections are from university students. Nationally over 10000 students have now gone down with the virus In another city a number of the university students have required intensive care treatment due to the virus. Many other students are now on lockdown, confined to their rooms.

Apparently this is all the fault of the students…..

Are you supposed to be in charge Boris?

Going to be a challenging few months.

85 thoughts on “Challenging

  1. Still can’t figure out which is worse… your clown or ours?? 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
    And why aren’t people thinking for themselves? Surely they know they can’t trust the government? Baffling!

    Its 37°C here today… wanna trade?💌💌💌

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  2. Yep… definitely challenging. Lots of herbal tea and yoga required. Well…you can do the yoga… I’ll continue to be stubbornly anti-trendy and go insane. Maybe I’ll take up tap dancing. I don’t think Andrew will have a problem with that. 😀

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  3. It’s terrible. The Clash, “Should I Stay or Should I Go” comes to mind. Our high school has already had confirmed cases on some sports teams. Once school starts, I feel it is just a matter of time (in the middle of flu season) that we get some positive cases. The Clash will be heavy on my mind. We are set to go back, and then ready to retreat to home when the call comes. Which, I feel, is bound to come.

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  4. It’s like he’s stuck in a revolving door and each time he comes round he’s changed his mind. All very well for him, but how can he expect the country to keep up? How do the teachers not go loopy?

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      1. It is a roller coaster ride, but that the view from the top on a good day has to be worth it. On the good days seeing the view, make a note of them to view from the depths. Roll on plenty of good days!

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  5. Yup, it’s going to be super crazy for everyone for the next several months. This is our new normal, Friend, and we have to do our best. It’s a shame Hawklad’s school can’t spread kids out more, or have them come to school in groups; there’s enough kids staying home in our town that the students can be spread out in the classrooms when they return next week, allowing for some social distancing. The important thing is that you and your son stay safe and find reasons to smile. Praying for good things to come to you! xxxxxx

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    1. To be fair to the school they wanted to go online for 50% of the time so they could space the kids out. Bring the kids in for lessons which needed practicals. But the government told schools not to do that. Definitely praying that your household is filled with smiles. xxxxxxx

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      1. WHAT? See, there HAS to be give and take. We have that in the hybrid form; the boys will still be virtual on Mondays, but then in-person the other days of the week. It’ll keep the format fresh for the kids just in case there’s a sudden need to remain home for a week or two. It’s not ideal for everyone, sure, but we just can’t be “all or nothing” anymore.

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      2. They did the same with universities. Govt was warned to make universities virtual this term by its own experts. They said no. Now we get the results. 10000 students now have the the virus. One of our local cities has 1600 students with it. Couldn’t make it up.

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  6. You know what Beloved, I would actually take up a bit of meditation and sit in a quiet place to have some time out, ponder the boy, ponder you, ponder what YOU feel is the right thing to do for YOU and THE BOY and sod what anyone else thinks. You got this bro.

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      1. I am not a conspiracist –largely cos I thought, despite a lot of what I thought from the start re so much having suffered from chronic bronchitis for most of my life, — we could trust our own beloved leader up here basking in her fancy figures– but I am being forced more and more to ask what is going on? The joke it is going beyond has vanished. Why would you trash a country.??? But as Herr Sturgeon got up today when I personally am in more danger of death by drowning and said it was right we were hurting… And yet…. despite it all, has failed to get rid of Ferrier, answer the Salmond questions, OR indeed explain exactly why sin terms of this ‘awful’ virus, she simply now does not just baton down the hatches on the main area of infection in Scotland instead of letting people from there go down to the Borders to booze and on coach trips all over Scotland next week, IF this is truly so infectious she has wiped out swathes of whole industries. Has failed to explain why people who have not even been tested are getting phone calls saying they tested positive,. Oh? And did I mention how even those who have’s wife, children–their closest contacts, the lot are negative with this terrible contagion. Well? I truly am wondering what is really going on. Even last night when they we headlines were screaming rea every covid bed being taken… they failed to mention there were only 7 covid beds to start with. Even the Daily Mail’s effort today on pictures of those dying on ventilators did not exactly show a ward. I am sorry to say all this here but I can’t help wondering why they are doing what they are doing?

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      2. New Zealand was probably easier in terms of beating this in as far as it can be beaten, it is a virus for God’s sake and anyone thinking a vaccine will be the great answer and we can get this to zero needs put in a straitjacket and kept in a darkened room. We have no vaccine for Sars, for HIV, for one of the other true nasties. We have a flu vaccine. The year my Mr got flu he had already had the vaccine. he was still very ill, had a chest infection and gave flu to me which became pneumonia. Viruses mutate. But NZ has a small pop, plenty space, is not a global airline hub, does not have swathes of tourists, is prob used to being self sufficient, is 4 hours flight time from OZ. It is kind of island on the edge of the world in a way. And they did the right thing frankly. What I can’t help noticing that also makes me wonder, much as I don’t want to, re what is the real beef here, is that the countries who are getting this down and under control and opening up again are not banging on about building back better, new norms and heavily committed to this Word Economic Forum. The ones whose economies are being trashed, who are seeing vast swathes of their hospitality, tourism, and arts sector decimated, are. And still our ‘leaders’ are hell bent on keeping going . They cannot answer a question properly. Some abso fool of a Tory minister was on Sky TV the other day and was reduced to slavering by Kay Burnley over the pubs being shut in certain areas. The best he could come up with was some survey from the States… he could note ven name that survey. She minced time. It is all the science. But what science? Ferguson has presided over several utter fiascos and he, for one, gets listened to, when he’s a dat man working with an old data system. This should not simply be down to staticians . there’s plenty top people being ignored.


  7. Well, apparently our president and his wife have the virus. I can only say it’s what I’ve heard through friends.I assume they will live since they can surely afford the most elite healthcare possible. I do find it rather disturbing though that while our #’s are still swelling over here, the powers that be are adamant that children actually attend school again. This is why it will likely be years before we see any normalcy again, if ever…ugh..

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      1. it seems it just sucks all around..and it’s deepening my depression in many ways..i try to get fresh air and stay connected with family, run necessary errands and do my art but it’s a totally lonely and solitary life..not liking it

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      1. You’re doing a smashing job of being Hawklad’s dad. You keep your values in a world that’s increasingly amoral and you’re doing all of this while grieving for the woman you loved. You ARE a star. x
        I’m OK – I’ve become pretty good at picking myself up and dusting myself off over the years!

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