Last night I was tired. Unusually tired for me. But it was one of those pesky tired setups. During the evening I could feel myself nodding off. Plenty of those ‘just starting to drift off while sat on the settee – then suddenly woken by those cataclysmic sudden neck snapping forward’ moments. This went on all evening until it was bed time. But then I just wasn’t tired. Pigging fiddlesticks……

Finally sleep came but all too soon…..


What’s up son.

Dad I’ve forgotten, sorry we’ve forgotten the art assignment.”

Ooh yeh, that one that isn’t due in until the 12th.

That’s the one, But ITS THE 12th.”

Oh big pants. Can you do it as soon as you get up?

No it’s due at the start of the first lesson.”


I could see by the look in his eyes that until it was done, sleep would be impossible. So a few minutes later I was in the kitchen making hot drinks. Years ago a late night session would have had a very different meaning to tonight’s version. 3am and rocking out to Japanese Art.

Basically I sat there looking vacant, occasionally nodding (in a of course I knew that kinda way) and asking Google such questions as ‘what on earth does wabi and sabi mean’. It took an hour before Hawklad had convinced himself that he had done enough. The school panic in his world was over. His completed presentation was significantly more robust than his Dads initial suggestive assignment text

Japanese Art is cool but Godzilla is real cool. Now it’s time for bed….

Hawklad got to bed and immediately fell asleep. I guess at about 4.30am I found some sleep. I woke up a couple of hours later with one overriding thought. How can you write two pages on Japanese Art and not mention Godzilla‘s Atomic Breath just once. What has become of Art.

64 thoughts on “3am

  1. At least your son had a valid reason for disturbing your would be slumber. I have vicious insomnia so sleep is a challenge for me at best. My kid wakes me up regularly to tell me she can’t sleep…and she’s only been trying to like ten minutes.
    Aggravation ensues.
    I’d be less aggro if it was a legit concern like homework. Her sleeping while it takes me 4 hours to nod off again for no good reason is maddening.

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  2. Sheesh! Noone slept last night… Ben got me up at 4:30am Sunday and stayed awake until 1:30am Monday morning… almost 24 hours, so I was awake too.
    Then after falling asleep sometime after 1:30am, I was awake again at 4:30. I didn’t take my med last night cuz I had to be up by 6am and didn’t wanna be groggy.

    We both need more sleep! It’s no wonder that we’re always getting hurt. Stay off the ladder!!😉💌💌💌

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  3. I had such a “last minute” homework with my son once. He was supposed to create a cover for a CD on the computer… and after we were almost done at 10 pm… he deleted it accidentally. He was totally desperate. But we got it done until about 1 am.

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  4. Oh yes! Godzilla must be involved somehow. One could say Godzilla was an artist in naturally destructive art. 🙂

    Hawklad sounds like me here–the middle-of-the-night freakout over something not done. If Blondie’s forgotten something, she tells us after SHE finds out from a teacher something wasn’t done and looks at us like we were supposed to remember. Ummmm we don’t get your homework schedule, kiddo. Biff and Bash always get miffed with me for not knowing where every single item of their school supplies are. I DON’T KNOW WHERE THE GLUE STICKS WENT THAT YOU USED, YOU BUGGERS.
    You just keep catching what sleep you can, and stay safe’n’sane! Hugs from Wisconsin xxxxxx

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      1. HA! I have these crates where the boys’ school stuff is to be stored. Everything should be in them. And yet every day I get “Where’s my dry erase board? Where’s my marker? Where’s my folder? Where’s my–” LOOK IN THE CRATE! “I diiiiiid!” (Glances at crate, looks up) “See? I looked!”

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