Stress, anxiety, nerves.

For years the best tool I had to combat these pesky fellas was running. Lots of it. It almost became a daily fix for this bumbling muppet. But 2020 has completely curtailed that. So I strive for my new Excalibur.

The three best candidates so far are

Winning the lottery (still working on that, I guess it would help if I bought a lottery ticket),


Tai Chi.

So in reality it’s down to the later two candidates. It’s early days, we may need a few more recounts but it might be time to call a result. As ever my buddies the Mini Lego figures are keen to help out.

So I started out feeling a little unsure of myself but a few Scooby snacks encouraged me to give both mindfulness exercise regimes a go.

The first thing is that both approaches do require some comfy clothes. But it says nothing about how stylish for those have to be. You can get seriously creative. Maybe lime green circle shorts, or maybe something pinky purple or maybe something royally outrageous.

Both Yoga and Tai Chi do require you to commit to them. It takes much practice to master them. Balance is one thing you need to master. Although beards are not essential on the mat they may in fact help with balance and stability. False beards are available for those who can’t grow them…..

One thing you will notice is that both approaches have their own unique languages. Requests to perform a ‘bound lotus’ or ‘parting the wild horses main’ will frequently leave you with not the slightest ScoobyDoo of what is going on.

Then we come to the instructors. Be aware here. They start out sounding like your new best buddy but be careful. Look at some of the positions they bend you into – they must have a secret dark side.

Then we come to the end results. Well with dedication then just like Frankie both can be real body builders.

Are they good anxiety and stress busters? Yes if you find the right instructor. Find the wrong one and Tai Chi will leave you seriously red in the face as you try to master the meditative breathing routines.

Which actually is much better than Yoga which can definitely release the inner anger when you get painfully stuck in the Formidable Face Pose.

And finally the big difference I noticed between the two approaches to body and soul health. With Tai Chi I feel like I am still in one piece after completing a session.

Unfortunately the same can not be said for yoga. Often after one to many ‘nice detoxifying hip openers’ I feel something akin to this….

And please remember that for whatever exercise you opt for please be mindful of others and maintain effective social distancing.


79 thoughts on “Tai Chi for Lego

  1. Chi, chi, chi — what is it with chi? Kung Fu Panda, who learned all these things, finds the chi in Tai Chi and shares it to enlarge the effect of life.
    I’ve found lots of Tai Chi youtubers, some are excellent.

    Loved the visual prompts, but some I may leave on the drawing board.

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  2. We might need real pics soon.

    I had a good laugh because back in the 90s “Scooby Snacks” was code for Ecstasy pills!!!

    I applaud your ongoing efforts. I haven’t tried tai chi since… the 80s?? Micah+Marcus recommended 2 youtube yoga instructors. I feel like I don’t have enough open room to work out but I found several “yoga in bed” courses that look surprisingly decent. I’m still in “you mean thinking about it doesn’t count as doing it?” mode.

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  3. Good stuff! After seven years of Tai chi and two masters and two styles I’m still searching for the Happy Chi! Good luck πŸ˜‰ Actually skipped today the master’s training sessions (he comes here once a year) and went to TRE-theray session. I truly recommend it to every one. Look it up!

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      1. It’s an easy method to learn. You could learn it in one session and then do by yourself at home. I just went to a course/session and now learning to get it part of life. Interesting to see what happens in a long run.

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  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, the addition of colorful Lego people is so inspiring. I have a problem with the need for a beard though, I really don’t think I’d look good in one. But then again if I wear a mask nobody will know. LOL

    Thanks for this, it was a fantastic stress-buster. πŸ™‚

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  5. Hahah I love it! Those “nice detoxifying hip openers” wouldn’t bode well for my granny hips either. And I’m also still waiting to win the lottery without buying a ticket. Thanks for the giggles!!

    I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend to de-stress – Namaste xx

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      1. I feel like more comes from the practice than yoga. Here is my own discovery try American Indian Flute music instead of transitional Chinese music. If you listen to music while practicing.

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