And still it shrinks. I’m going to miss it when it’s gone.

Back to school at home and back to the daily fun…. Started with the usual happy pep talk from a teacher. To paraphrase.

‘Remember I’ve set some work before the week off. It’s voluntary but I can see what people have done and how long you have spent on it. I am checking….I’m about to do your assessment….”


Then I accidentally phoned the school. Who hasn’t done the ‘put the mobile in your back trouser pocket just to see how long it takes for your bum to unlock the phone and dial a number’ trick. The mobile can’t have been in the pocket for 2 minutes before suddenly I heard a strange voice coming from my nether regions. How is it that it takes me hours to figure out how to unlock the mobile, find the phone app, then repeatedly fail to type in the number. Yet my butt can unlock the phone and successfully call someone in a fraction of that time…..

So after I had apologised to school reception it was back to the usual fight with submitting pieces of work and trying to find the class work on Teams. Fights with explanations, hidden meanings and unclear instructions.

Quickly followed by the ritual Dad humiliation.

Dad apart from Andy Warhol what other Pop Art practitioners can you name.”


Ok can you at least name a few famous Pop Art pieces and before you say it, NO Godzilla doesn’t count.”

Erm there was that picture with about 100 Madonna’s replicated.

Dad. You mean Monroe and it was 50 times…”

That’s the one. Then there was the soup tin. Erm Andy Warhol was in Men in Black 3, does that count?

So basically no help…….

But maybe my backside could become Pop Art. Probably not. Not sure how big the canvas would have to be to get 50 replicas of my butt on. But if they could then I could literally be sat on an important piece of avant garde culture. Sat on a fortune.

32 thoughts on “Pop Art

  1. Bob butt dials me all the time. Actually, it is more of a pocket dial. I can usually hear all the change in his pocket rattle around and his mumbled voice as he talks to someone else. It is remarkable how the phone gets unlocked and I get dialed when the process is so long regularly!

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  2. Does Graffiti art count? How about Ben’s Chalk Creations? 😂😂

    In your tired state, I can imagine the weird thoughts going through your mind as your booty spoke.🤣🤣 Or maybe I’m just thinking about my tired mind🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    Thanks for the smiles Gary Kermit Superdad!💌💌💌

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      1. Ahead of my time, for sure. But it was California, which is loopier than Canada’s LaLa Land, southern British Columbia. Of course,we hippies helped it earn that label, but really all we did was light the match–it was those who came after us that set the fire ablaze.we

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