Blink and it’s gone. Blue sky.

I remember back to my school days. Apart from living in caves and avoiding the dinosaurs, I was like most kids. Some stuff went in to my head easily, other stuff not so easily. Stuff about Physics, Mathematics and Geography went in. Subjects like History the dates would take a lot of effort to stick. Subjects like Chemistry I was ok. However French I was awful, it might as well have been a foreign language…. Biology I was not much better.

Today I was trying to help Hawklad understand Chemistry. He struggles to visualise chemical reactions. So trying to calculate reaction energy levels was a nightmare for him. Whatever we did he just couldn’t see it. That’s the thing with Hawklad, maybe that’s the thing with his Aspergers. He gets blind spots. They go beyond the dyslexia issues. With dyslexia if you read out the word then he can understand what he’s trying to learn. But these nothing seems to shed light for him. Some things he just can’t process and visualise. With a subject like French it’s a massive blind spot. History there are zero blind spots. But with other subjects he can understand most things really well but randomly encounters these blind spots.

Mathematics it’s decimals and volumes

Biology it’s cell structures and names

Design Technology it’s visualising 3D designs

Geography it’s grid references and grid lines

Physics it’s magnetism

Home Economics it’s cooking times

And Chemistry is chemical reaction equations

He can be going along swimmingly then encounter one of these areas and it completely stops him in his tracks. We kind of ignore them now. Blink and move on. Focus on all of the many areas he can make progress on. Hope that the blind spots don’t come up too many times in his main exams.

At the moment that’s our plan.

41 thoughts on “Blink

  1. I like your plan. 🙂 Go with that one!

    I also liked physics the best. I loved hearing problems that encountered speed, distance, or things like vectors to try and determine an outcome. Math and problem solving are my jam. I had always thought if I had chosen to pursue that field I may have done better for myself. I definitely did not do as well with history (and I married, and had a history buff) for the same reasons. I have the worst time with names of people that I know as it is!

    I can’t imagine how much harder some of Hawklad’s hangups with subjects are. I second your plan, though – you guys got this!

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  2. When is he EVER gonna use any of that stuff. Decimals, yeah but chemical reactions? Cell structures? Your plan is definitely the best. I have trouble visualizing most things. I can understand concepts and apply them, but seeing a picture in my head… not gonna happen unless I have a memory to draw on.
    My chemistry class caused the whole math/science building to be evacuated. It wasn’t me, but a classmate… a little too much sulfer in an experiment 🤣🤣🤣
    You SOOO got this!!💌💌💌

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  3. Perfect plan. Blind spots can throw us all off track if we let them. Learning not to focus too much on them and play to our strengths is an important skill we should all practice! Good on you both ❤️

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  4. My son has blind spots too. Language, in general, doesn’t come easily, and much of math doesn’t stick without boatloads of repetition. With the effects of all his blind spots, it’s become very evident he won’t be going to any university or college. His skills and natural talents will best be suited to learning a trade – which is great because our country needs more tradesmen.

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