The end of term report landed today. Whatever happened to the old paper report books I got as a child. Now it’s downloadable content. Handwritten teacher narrative replaced by numbers and symbol targets. My report was easy to follow. Just look out for the telling teaching phrases

“Must try harder”

“Falls asleep in class”


“Always looking out of the window”

“Distinctly average”

“Oh dear, where do I start”

Hawklad’s report is much harder to fathom out. After several hours of review I’m still not entirely sure what it’s telling me. Maybe it’s telling me to dig out the chocolate and watch Ice Age.

At least the arrival of the Term Reports does reveal one fact. A pleasant fact. In just a couple of days the Term will end and it’s a couple of weeks off. Hawklad gets a break. I get a break. A break from school at home.

That’s a report finding I can fully get behind.

57 thoughts on “Report

  1. Rest is good! Glad to read it is on the way! And reports…there have been times of bewilderment, times of dismay, and a few of delight in my times of receiving my own and reading my children’s. Just remember they cannot sum up who we are.

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  2. Very sad that they don’t reflect on what they write and that it could mean, the teachers are called to improve something. However, I am glad you two are getting a break!

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      1. Not yet, but I will do it in the afternoon. The time has come! Today is a gorgeous and warm day. And the greatest thing is that I even have time to enjoy it today. I will sit on my patio, reading a book. I am so looking forward to those moments 😊

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  3. We only get a “report” once a year with the dreaded IEP meeting. His teacher gives us a brief “how the day went” pretty much every day. It’s still only Monday & Tuesday, and he’s on Spring Break the last week of March. Then on April 5, FULL TIME school resumes.
    I’ll join you in choco choco and Ice Age (which one? All of them?). We can console the confusion of Hawklad’s report, and celebrate no school for you, and the return to school for Ben🥳💃🏼🍫

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      1. Yes, we head to the shore for the week. We were unable to go last year because of COVID but they held our place and we were back. It was a nice break!

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