Hawklad is a cheeky one. Every time we watch something on TV that refers to a historical incident he always asks ‘you were there Dad so what was it really like….”. Last night he said it when the programme mention the American Civil War. What was it like Dad….

Every so often he catches me off guard with a different line of attack.

Dad has your musical tastes changed with age. What are your favourite 5 bands now…”

Ok that would be


Pink Floyd


Iron maiden

Blue Oyster Cult.

Ok Dad what were your 5 favourite bands when you were young…”

I think they were


Blue Oyster Cult

Iron Maiden

Black Sabbath


So they hadn’t changed too much.

Was that pre CD times Dad

Yes it was, not invented yet.

Not much point inventing CDs back then when you were a kid as they hadn’t discovered electricity yet. Are you sure it wasn’t Beethoven you were listening to back in the medieval times.”

51 thoughts on “Back then

  1. Cheeky bugger! When Blondie was smaller, she asked Bo when we got our color. “There’s always been color, Blondie.” But the world was black and white on the old movies, Dad!

    Apparently the universe was black and white, including us. Thank goodness for Technicolor, lol! The daffodils look lovely. I’m determined to do some planting this spring come hell or high water. We can’t look like the Klopeks from THE BURBS forever, you know? It’s time for some flowers. I made sure to get some bee-friendly flowers, too. Now it’s just a matter of making sure the kids don’t squish the pollinators when they come…

    Hope you’re well, Friend, and finding reasons to smile! xxxxxxxx

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  2. Oh, those cheeky boys. I have one of that kind at home too. He never misses a chance to let us know the same things. “Oh, that was when electric light was invented, wasn’t it?”πŸ˜‚

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