It’s funny how you forget things. A couple of days back I was writing about my lame brushes with fame. Then this morning another memory flooded back into my mind.

My Dad took me on a train to see a charity cricket match. My first ever game. I think I was about 8. It was one of those matches with former cricketers, celebrities and a few local club players. It was a decent turnout of stars so a large crowd turned up.

Some quite well known former Yorkshire and England players with one huge star. One of England’s greatest ever fast bowlers and larger than life characters, Fred Truman.

At the end of the game my Dad told me that I would like to get Fred’s autograph. That was news to me….. Handily Dad had brought an autograph book and pen. Almost as if the autograph was for him…. So I was sent off to obtain the signature while Dad finished off his beer. A bit later I came back with various scribbles, one was definitely a TV celebrity – Leslie Crowther. But no Freddie.

That clearly wasn’t to Dad‘s liking and he decided to help me now. After much looking Freddie was located. He was in the players changing room. Next thing I knew Dad had pushed me through the door with clear instructions. Your not going home until you get that signature….

I was surrounded by men in various states of undress…. All appeared to be drinking. No sign of Freddie. So I asked. Freddie was in the showers. So yes I did get the great mans autograph. When he was completely naked. How could I forget that…..

Dad was happy. I never did see MY autograph book again….

Wow how times have changed……

45 thoughts on “Fame 2

  1. Oh, that’s funny! I think Bob has sent Bobby off to get an autograph that Bob wanted knowing the players will sign for the kids. But I THINK I can say with confidence that no signature has ever been obtained that way! Too funny!

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  2. You mean you don’t go into dressing rooms for autographs anymore? 🤔 Why not? With an attitude like that how are you going to get close to the famous? 🤣😂🤣

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  3. A few cricket memories, but never the player. Thing is, I’m not sure what sport it had been for the blokes in that huge bath, my brother just walked me through passed them nonchalantly. 😳 I remember that! What the kcuf was he thinking?

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