Warning. In some countries the self absorbed, moronic idiots are still in charge.

Photo from The Guardian

Remember this PRAT. He is in Secretary of State for Education. Yes the idiot with a horse whip on his desk. A bloke who has been recently described by a respected former member of the Government as a ‘venomous, self seeking little s**t’.

Well the Prat has spoken again. Apparently ‘a generation of children have lacked discipline and order during the pandemic’. So he will be launching a crackdown on behaviour in schools……

Is he going to bother revealing his evidence for his claim. Or as usual is he just getting his views from the a couple of extreme right wing political lobbying groups that he follows.

It’s odd as every teacher and parent I have heard have been praising just how good school children have been, how well they have reacted to the pandemic. They have been brilliant. An unprecedented time of disruption. Schools open and closed. Exams on and off. Exam results messed up by the actions of this prat. Not being able to meet with friends. Holidays cancelled. Sports and leisure activities curtailed. Living through such awful times. AND TOO many going hungry as families struggle.

But this prat thinks they need discipline. Has he forgotten that he was sacked by the last PM when he was the Defence Secretary for leaking official secrets. He broke the Official Secrets Act, behaviour that ends up in prison for mere mortals. Clearly someone with high personal behaviour standards.

How did my country go so wrong. So wrong that someone like him ends up running our schools. Now people will vote for him, it’s currently still a free country. They might agree with him. Fine but if that is how they view our younger generation then I have the same contempt for them as I do for this prat. The children aren’t the problem, it’s the people who think the way this prat thinks who are the real problem. The children are the future, the hope, the solution to this corrupt mess.

68 thoughts on “Warning

  1. People have been claiming children lack discipline or are more rude/less considerate than their elders for millenia. I can’t imagine what society would look like if there was even a grain of truth to the claim.

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  2. I think it’s the same kids that are not behaving / attending the remote schooling that are not attending if the doors are open. And they are getting all the attention now and I’m not so sure if they should since most of the kids are doing all right. Don’t know about the UK politics enough to comment on that 😉

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  3. You’ve already mentioned why Theresa May sacked him. All that is left, therefore, is to point out that no-one is in more need of a bit of discipline than Gavin Whatshisname

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      1. It’s a frightening thought. Although I did see somewhere that most of the cabinet have their jobs because they’re too incompetent to threaten Johnson.

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  4. This makes me so mad. I have watched my own two children struggle with the trauma this pandemic has put them through, the challenges it has thrown at them both and the unknowns they have had to manage. I am impressed and proud of the children during this time and that Prat (as you rightly call him) has no credibility or sense to make any judgements or decisions about their future as far as I am concerned.

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  5. Check this out, Gary. Our Education Minister in Alberta paid 4 people $60,000 each for 3 months work to come up with a new cirriculum for Grades 1 to 6. They want to make it more culturally relevant. One of the creaters of this cirriculum is a known white supremacist racist.
    Culturally relevant apparently means teaching our children that black people started life as slaves (no mention they were brought here from Africa) and First Nations people were uneducated savages until white men tamed them. That is the history he wants to be taught in our schools!
    Even worse, the cirriculum these people created was, for the most part, plagiarised without references from Wikipedia and racist websites. Whole passages were copied without changes, but it was presented as their work. $240,000 on reading the Internet and putting it together.
    People are up in arms, but the Minister is defending it as what children need to learn. If you hear about a lynching in Alberta, you’ll know why.

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      1. Yeah. Society really needs a school curriculum to create more racists. Like we don’t have enough already.
        Maybe someday Hawklad will be Minister of Education for England, then he can make real changes, for public good.


      2. Those who truly care avoid politics like the plague. Politics is the most anti-spiritual practice known to humanity. It is so vile it eats away at those who try to fight it. The Old-Boys’ Network needs to be totally destroyed, or it will rise up like the Phoenix every new election everywhere in the future, everywhere in the world.

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  6. How the Sam Hell does a former Defense Secretary get to be Secretary of Education anyway? Defense Secretary indicates a knowledge and background in military tactics, weaponry, etc., whereas Education Secretary requires such humanitarian pursuits as Sociology and Child Psychology! The two are at least 160° apart! What a jerk he sounds to be … maybe somebody ought to use that horsewhip on him, instead! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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  7. I don’t imagine he’s intelligent enough to appreciate the irony in his comments on discipline.

    You’ve managed to rein this is quite well. If I were to talk about the idiots in charge of our country, I would have used every swear word under the sun and written all in caps. This stuff makes my piss boil. x

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  8. Another good post, highlighting the jaw-dropping incompetence of another of our Ministers. When will it all end? Very disturbingly, the Conservatives look set to stay in power for some time yet.

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