Another sign of the approaching Autumn Term. Plenty of insects on the windows. Yes this one is superimposed on the big boy cats butt.

The day has dawned. In hours Hawklad is due back in the classroom. One email from school informing parents that school Covid safeguards have been relaxed apart from some testing. The school day will start with all children undertaking a Covid self test. Then the Year will gather for a school assembly in the main hall. After about 3 hours lessons will then commence.

No specific contact from school about Hawklad.

No discussions on tailoring a return.

No chance for Hawklad to do another pre school visit.

School haven’t even specifically asked if Hawklad is returning.

So what is Hawklad doing?

The thought of 3 hours of being in the small main hall with something like 120 other pupils without masks has really bothered him. Bothers me….. No specific plans have been agreed with school. Nothing in place to help with his potential return. Under those circumstances he can’t return. So I have informed school that he is working from home today.

It doesn’t help that it’s an anniversary……

Let’s see if school offer anything today. At least the timetable and class details will be published. Hawklad has said he will decide on Saturday. At present he feels that he can’t return. If that’s the case then it’s a question about is the a temporary hold or the permanent switch to homeschooling.

It’s such a mess.

27 thoughts on “And then

      1. go for it. BTO despite being signed up I don’t get notifications re replies or anything..just wp. But I come by to check when things are not off the richter. But yes. Look, world is beyond bonkers right now so have an evening and however your corner of Bulmer Yorkshire, you will both get there, no matter what hair you tear in the meantime, you will, cos some folks are survivors and that is all there is to it. They may not feel like they are but that does not mean they’re not.


  1. I just cannot with your school system over there. I think deep in your heart you know that you are going to be homeschooling Hawklad. And I know that is a concern as he remains out of contact with other people. There must be a happy balance between the two. I cannot see the school being very sympathetic when they have to follow government mandates. Argggggggggggggggg my scream of rage at the sky for that stupid system.

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