Looks like someone has been trying to draw clouds with a pink crayon. Very nice 😊

If only everything else was very nice.

Two contrasting messages from Hawklad’s school today.

We hope all pupils enjoy the well earned Christmas break which starts on Friday.

This contrasts nicely with messages from 5 subject teachers (so far)

Remember to revise for your important subject exams over the holiday. Exams happen immediately after your time off….

I’m sorry but I can’t ever remember enjoying myself while I was revising. I guess it fits in with the Government message that children must work harder and play less. But over the last few years children are increasingly seen as second class citizens in this country. Last night the CLOWNS in charge of the country announced an emergency campaign to give all adults a THIRD booster covid shot within weeks. NO MENTION OF CHILDREN. Currently only something like 50% of secondary school age pupils have received just one vaccine shot. Younger children aren’t eligible for even one shot. Most schools here have still not received any air quality monitoring devices or any air filters that were promised months back. Promised so that schools would be safe. Masks are required in all public places, all except the school classroom…. The government person in charge of schools went on the television to talk about covid – he never mentioned schools or children ONCE. Not once….. The Governments only education strategy currently is to KEEP SCHOOLS OPEN AT ALL COSTS, surely it has to be KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE AT ALL COSTS.

Sadly children just don’t matter to those in charge.

29 thoughts on “Don’t matter

  1. i feel like the reason behind the dismissal(?) of children in this has so much to do with having to deal with mixed reactions from parents across the board. I know that is the case over here. You’ll see parents on both sides of the street with picket signs in direct opposition to each other – “Vaccinate our Kids-Keep them safe” and on the other ‘ Forced vaccinations/ mandates are tyranny- Unmask our children”. i feel like the federal government has all but completely stepped aside-although i did hear recently our president will make vaccines mandatory now. Mostly, i just try to stay out of all the controversy and follow whatever rules are required, as they come about.

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  2. I remember having to study the Canterbury Tales over Christmas, but I don’t think we had exams to go back to. I would have failed for sure. I don’t understand at all what is happening to schools in England. It is all too bizarre and I am so sorry you have to deal with so much. But you take great photos.


  3. I can only think of one word for educators who plan exams immediately after a holiday break — SADISTS! You’ve been telling us all along they do not want children to be children, but what are they expecting them to become as adults? Just ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL?


  4. It’s good that Hawklad isn’t having to try to deal with school in person. Looks like your education people are like many of our state Governors… filling lawsuits and fining schools that require masks🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s pure insanity to use children as pawns in a political game!

    Thankfully California’s governor takes the pandemic seriously. He just reinstated masking indoors for everyone, vaccinated or unvaccinated 😷 Schools require masks, and shots are available for 5+, boosters for 16+

    Ben is horrible about wearing his mask, but I believe most of his school is vaccinated, even the students.

    Daughter (ICU nurse) is still watching people die because they don’t want to get the shots or wear a mask. One patient, father of 5, infected his entire family. 2 of his children were in hospital also.
    The whole world has gone cuckoo!!

    Sure is a pretty sky!!💌💌💌


    1. Here the scientists are saying cut back on contacts. The government said people should try to work from home but it was fine to go to parties. So many stories of parties with people going with a negative test get cars later so many going down with covid. Deep sigh ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Beautiful pink clouds. Looks like a lovely scribble instead!

    Sorry about the conflicting messages at school. I agree that school work should be minimal during the holidays, especially no exams prep! Kids need to rest and have fun too.


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