The sheep are back. Must be time to dig out my old Pink Floyd – Animals LP.

The return of the sheep always makes me smile.


A much younger Hawklad carefully feeding the sheep. Following the instructions from the farmer on which sheep liked which biscuits.

And yes that’s a puppy Captain Chaos.

Sometimes that wooden fence wasn’t keeping those sheep from those biscuits.


Then there was the first night in our home. My partner was watching the newly unpacked TV and I had come out into the crisp night air to look at the stars. Wow no light pollution here. No street lighting. Pitch black. So many stars. Then suddenly that sinking feeling.


Somewhere near the fence dozens of eyes fixed on their prey. Me. I took it like a man. Screamed and ran inside, the door bolted behind me. As a modicum of courage returned, I tentatively ventured outside again with a torch and Slazenger cricket bat. I found dozens of sheep stood at the fence, all eyeballing me. Clearly saying ‘Where’s the biscuits..’ That was definitely the SHEEP OF THINGS TO COME. But I guess it was ALL’S WOOL THAT ENDS WOOL. I will shut up now. Don’t to RAM THE POINT HOME, I wouldn’t do that to EWE.

43 thoughts on “Sheep

  1. Maybe you were on The Dark Side of the Moon there for a few seconds! A cricket bat? Ha! Did you hear my gargantuan GUFFAW from across the Atlantic? Great borderline dad joke stuff that. By the way, in my estimation any time’s the right time for Pink Floyd’s Animals. 🙂 All the best.

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  2. Not sure if it’s my imagination but I think American sheep are a lot bigger (isn’t everything bigger in America?) One thing I know about sheep is they are dead pushy. But lovely, especially when just born. Nice to see pic of mini-Chaos and young Hawklad. It’s nice he has a relationship with animals.

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  3. OMG 😂You planted a movie in my mind. I can imagine the sudden change in you from complete astounding to being totally horrified 😂 Gosh, Captain Chaos is sooooo very cute!


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