Paths in the sky. Never thought vapour trails could be a thing a beauty.

A pandemic forced a change of education path for us. Classroom schooling became school at home. The living room became the classroom. Not true homeschooling as school still provided the lessons. Sometimes the whole class was off, often it was just Hawklad. That’s gone on for 21 months now. 21 months and counting.

Over that period the idea was ultimately a return to the classroom. That’s what Hawklad wanted. Repeatedly Hawklad decided he wasn’t ready to return.

He’s still not ready to return.

Deep down I don’t think he’s going to feel able to return anytime soon. That’s not just my view. The medical opinion is a return to school is now unlikely before his final exams in 2023. Hawklad is starting thinking of a return to the classroom but that might not be until he potentially starts college in 2 years time. If he returns before his exams then that’s a bonus. It’s when Hawklad feels it’s the right time.

The question now is what do we do up to his exams. It’s looking like the school at home project is a path with many miles still to walk.


28 thoughts on “Trails

  1. It is an unpredictable time in general and even more for Hawklad and how he is handling the steps back. I think it all has to be done step by step – which is not easy either.


      1. You are right, the daughter of one of my friends missed most of her campus life at university. It cannot be brought back but what can we do, it is that time…


  2. That sky!!! Wow!😍
    Hawklad should quit wasting time on pointless spelling, and just study for his exams. It doesn’t seem like his school is teaching anything useful anyway.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️


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