Unbelievably it was bright sun for the dog walk today. Too bright. YES that’s a phrase you don’t here in connection with Yorkshire too many times. TOO BRIGHT. Not in terms of the usual weather and also not in terms of the competitors at the local Shin Kicking tournament. That’s going to get my Yorkshire Passport taken off me……

The light was too bright for my mobile. It produced some weird lighting effects. Normally I would just delete them but this time, no. The results are kind of rainbow cool

See it’s one of those Yorkshire Super Highways with rainbow special effects. Maybe we should keep them.

School sent an email out to parents this afternoon. In line with Government instructions, masks will still not be enforced in school as nationally schools are deemed safe. In line with national instructions , pupils will be issued with covid test kits to use over Christmas to ensure that schools are adequately protected when they reopen. Unfortunately the test kits are not available as supplies have run out. School understands that kits won’t be sent to them in the foreseeable future, potentially well after the next school terms begins. Any test supplies available will be prioritised to other areas.

Feels like the school holidays can’t come quick enough.

Well at least the sun is shining. Hopefully shinning for most of the holidays. Pupils in school and those at home deserve a great break. It’s been a grim and anxious time for all of them.

32 thoughts on “Too bright

  1. It is so scary, children, and this pandemic. My twin grandsons are 3, too young for vaccination. Why is that? They go to school two days a week. Vaccines were originally intended to stave off diseases that killed off hordes of little children. Diseases like tetanus, diphtheria, measles, polio, et.al. Now little children seem to be forgotten. Why?

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  2. I’m glad you kept those pictures. They are beautiful with the rainbows. Dealing with Covid and keeping kids safe at school is hard. Masks should stay a requirement with the new variant


  3. I hope the break is good and you and Hawklad enjoy your time. It is a strange and confusing time in this world. I’m wishing you lots of peace 💗. And, the photos are beautiful.


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