Today like the last few mornings has been wet and bleak. So let’s visit slightly brighter days. When do I ever look back….

So one week left of this school term. That’s another term of school at home. I think that’s something like 69 weeks worth of homeschooling. I quickly ran out of fingers and toes so don’t hold me to that. 69 weeks. Wow. Does that qualify as a teacher now…..

Sadly no.

Does that qualify me as someone who had the faintest idea what he was doing during most of those 69 weeks……

Sadly no.

Does that qualify me as a parent who is deeply regretting giving caffeine up just a few weeks before those 69 weeks started……

Most definitely.

If someone had mentioned that the days of school runs, trail runs, shopping runs, running around at the office, would suddenly stop. If someone would have whispered that suddenly my physical contact with the outside world would go on hold. On hold not just for days or months. But years. YEARS NOW. I can guarantee that black coffee consumption would never have ceased, if anything it would have gone through the roof.

So 69 weeks of caffeine free homeschooling. Who saw that coming. I didn’t. If week 70 is anything like week 69 then I will be hitting the espresso BIG TIME…….

45 thoughts on “Black Coffee

    1. I feel a song coming on, something sweet about coffee “New every morning is the love, My waking and uprising prove, through sleep and darkness safely brought, Restored to life and power and thought. Thank you coffee.

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  1. Don’t give up on stopping the coffee yet, Gary. I have been coffee free for 72 years now, and watching what it does to some of my friends and acquaintances, I don’t regret a non-sip of it. Yes, it can have some good effects, but so can a lot of other things. The caffeine in coffee is addictive, and from a retired addictions counsellor, it is one of the hardest addictions to give up. That you have managed it for over 70 months now is to be commended. And while caffeine is the addictive ingredient, don’t let it stop you from drinking tea. It is actually something in the coffee-delivery-system that activates the addictiveness of caffeine in coffee. You have gotten away from it, make sure you are willing to go back to it if you do. Make informed choices, please.

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      1. Have you tried decaffeinated? My spouse cannot drink regular coffee, but she can drink decaf. Other people have the opposite problem. But when it comes to a physical addiction, most people experience withdrawal symptoms, and they are often painful.


  2. Just hang in there! Life without coffee is much clearer than getting hooked on to it again. I had a relapse last summer and it didn’t make me any happier, no more nerves while trying to find a coffee cup to drink. Now I’m trying to get back on track again. Got trough the withdrawal symptoms (headache) already couple weeks ago. Trying to keep on the level of occasional cup while driving long distances. Good luck!

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  3. Funnily enough, coffee appears to have no effect upon me. I drank gallons when I first came to the US and then I just stopped liking it and gave it up. Maybe there is something missing in my wiring. I am therefore not qualified to encourage you for or against! But I do hope you have a better week.


  4. I don’t eat meat (again). I have drunk almost no alcohol for most of my life, I don’t smoke, and I avoid eating chocolate. But I would never ever give up on coffee… lol


      1. Yes l can relate to that which is why l cut back on regular coffee, but l think coffee and milk was my main aggressor and regular sugar. These days if l coffee straight, it’s always just black, and l now use a wood based sugar Xylitol.

        Even with that you still have to exercise some caution as it can lead to gastrobloat.

        Once we have digestive issues in our life it’s no longer fun on the eating journey.


      1. You’ll enjoy them, careful though they can be addictive, l was seriously hooked, then addictively hooked, now l am just back to hooked ….

        But they sell them on Amazon as well and if you search you can pick up bargain prices.


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