A walk into the unknown……

As I’m typing this we should be in queue waiting to get into a rock concert in a busy northern city. As we are still 100 miles away, sat at home while Hawklad watches episodes of Parks & Recreation, I think we can call that a NO SHOW.

It was always more of a target for Hawklad to aim for, rather than a must see concert. A great band but The DARKNESS can wait for another year. Plus we have seen them twice already, in fact they were the last band we went to see before a certain pandemic hit. This concert was more about a potential marker to a return to a more normal, involved life. His return (and mine) into the real world. Six months to build bridges. In reality you can’t put a time on these processes, especially as yet another variant starts to surge through communities.

Hawklad isn’t ready yet. Those bridges are largely unbuilt. Certainly not ready to be packed in with a few thousand strangers.

The walk into the unknown continues…….

Much to ponder about life, the universe and homeschooling.

Time for a new target. Let’s call it a goal this time. A smaller step. Maybe not bridges built rather bridge building starting. Hawklad’s call is….

Go to the cinema to see a movie when it is really quiet. Almost empty cinema with no one sat near. More realistic as masks are enforced again.

Ok we can work towards that. May takes months (or longer) but it could happen eventually. Achieve that mini goal and then maybe THE DARKNESS might be more achievable.

The walk towards the known continues.

27 thoughts on “Unknown

  1. Time for planning is definitely something difficult for Hawklad, and even more difficult during this pandemic. Both influence each other. Even a trip to Switzerland is not recommendable these days.


  2. Concerts are the only place where crowds don’t bother me as much. As long as I have a place to sit down, cuz this old lady can’t stand for long like when she was younger and didn’t have fibromyalgia, then I can ignore the crowd and groove on the music🎶🥳💃🏼

    I think a movie is a great goal. And uncrowded is just smarter for safety reasons! Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞


  3. Everything in its own time, Dad. My older adult son, who opted to continue working from home, has yet to return to our cinema-going days, followed by dinner at our favorite restaurant, the only social activity we did as a family unit. I’ve been taking tentative steps to return to moving freely in public spaces. The risk is great as the public transport system–I don’t drive–is jammed pack during peak hours. Continue to stay safe and well ❤


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