If one word sums of the Yorkshire Coast, then that word is going to be BRACING….. A few brave dogs braved the North Sea but not for long. I lost a game of chicken and had to endure ice cold wet feet. That woke me up.

On the way back WE talked school. Sadly a school that is increasingly ‘missing in action’ as the May Exams fast approach, like an out of control Freight Train.

The more I see, the more I hear, the more I realise just how bad school has been for Hawklad. Looking back to when he was going everyday. He told me that he use to bin most of his pack up school lunches for two reasons. At least once a week he never got the time to eat lunch due to work requirements – I’m not sure a child going hungry is the best way to create an enriching learning environment.

The other reason, the MAIN REASON.

“Dad I used to get so stressed by school, so sad, so unhappy. I truly hated that place, I was scared of it. The teachers didn’t seem to care, the never noticed me. I was never allowed to be myself. It would make me sick, too sick too eat….”

Speaking with his NHS specialist, they can’t keep up with the tidal wave of child mental health problems in school.

How can this happen.

How have we got school so wrong, so stress filled.

66 thoughts on “Bracing

  1. Devastating. We have got it all wrong in so many ways. The way we are trying to “educate” our children in places where stress runs rampant. So many children do not thrive in the educational systems we put in place for them to learn and grow. I’m sorry to hear your son had such a tough time.


  2. Oh, Gary, this is just so sad. For Hawklad and you, hugely, but you can’t be the only ones. How could one of the very most important things society should get right – a quality education for its young people in a supportive environment – have gone so wrong? I can’t help but think that many teachers are as stressed out and discouraged as the kids. It’s just not supposed to be like this. 😥

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  3. “We” went wrong when someone decided the only reason to educate kids was to turn them into workers. Granted it was long ago, but I was taught to be a person first, and then a “productive” member of society (the person I became had no use for society!) So maybe it was people like me who caused the changes. If true, I apologize!
    But really, any education system that ignores the person and teaches children to be bricks in the wall is a society on the blink — and on the brink of collapse.


    1. It is exams and league tables now. Take the set offering, no flexibility. He liked languages but really struggled with the way the school taught it. We asked to switch to a different teaching approach. School refused and he ended up dropping the subject.


      1. Yup. They don’t want thinking citizens, they want slaves and followers. Hopefully next election the followers will follow someone else. Brits gotta be getting tired of the same-old insanity!


    1. I think if I was a shoe salesperson and the education secretary came in to try on shoes, I would keep pulling out shoes three sizes too small. Tell ’em that it’s their policy in the schools and they need to suck it up and put their feet in. Maybe for a moment that’d learn ’em!

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  4. I’m so sorry that school has been a stressful situation for Hawklad and you. It is truly sad and upsetting when schools don’t know how to accommodate and support our most vulnerable. Sending you both lots of hugs.


  5. Wow, that’s heartbreaking to hear from a child. It is so sad that the system does not provide more options for those children who don’t fit into the regular drawer. Basically, no kid actually does but is taught to fit in… although it is so stressful for Hawklad, he remains who he is… not bending.


  6. I am so sorry. I know too well how your feeling. My daughter wouldn’t eat her packaged lunch as well. Because she didn’t want to have to sit and worry if she would be alone. Have an anxiety attack but it did upset me as the system I fought over and over. Such a fight that was. Hang in there as long as your son knows you in his corners all times he will be fine ❤️


  7. 😢 SO VERY SAD! And schools wonder why so many are turning towards home schooling! The answer is obvious!!

    I did laugh about you losing the game of chicken! 😉 Keep smiling!


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