It’s been a clueless type of day.

The company I have been doing some work for asked me if I would phone up the Brexit Helpline to ask some technical questions. Apparently because I talk tosh they thought I might be better placed to understand the helplines answers. I won’t bore you with the whole conversation but basically this was the nub of it.

Can I ask you some technical questions relating to Brexit and my company?

Please do. That’s what we are here for.

If we have staff who need to work in the EU for a short period of time what are the new regulations we must observe?

Don’t know

If we undertake work in the EU but need to employ EU based subcontractors what are the tax implications?

The current tax and excise regime will change on the 31st October. You will need to start planning for the changes now.

Yes I realise that but what will be the new regime.

It’s still being formulated

If we have web based sales to the EU what will be the export tax position?

Don’t know.

And on and on. To all my questions I received three basic replies.

  • We leave the EU on the 31st October and things will change. You will need to plan.
    The Government is still working on the details.
    Don’t know.

Anyway it proves that Brexit is a typo. It should be Breshit….

Absolutely clueless


I spoke to school again about our son. He’s had zero additional help so far this school year. It’s actually got worse. At least last year the teaching staff got to know him and some of teachers did try to help. We even had a couple of teachers who really got to understand him and they did try to modify the programme for him. For this school year his teaching staff and teaching assistants have all changed. So we are back to square one.

In terms of support for Aspergers the school provides no support. It has established a quiet room which kids can go to. But this is a small, cramped room which is frequently used for teacher meetings and storage. Even our gerbils would be able to design a more autism friendly space than the schools attempt. The only area the School has talked about was maybe giving our son more time to change when doing sports – but this in practice has never happened. That’s it – no other help. It’s not seen as a school problem it’s something the NHS deals with.

In terms of dyslexia school argues that it provide a Teaching Assistant in each lesson to provide support. This is not dedicated support. The TA has to try and support the whole class. Our son’s class also has a profoundly dyslexic child and the TA helps this child during any reading elements of the teaching. Again school argue that our son should put his hand up and ask for help. Unfortunately the TA is frequently already occupied. More fundamentally requiring a dyslexic child to put his or her hand up and ask for help completely misses the point. Most dyslexic kids won’t put their hand up because of the stigma still associated with not been able to read. Putting your hand up is seen as flagging up that you are different. Consequently son never puts his hand up anymore. So school argues that the lack of support is down to our son not requiring it. They can’t seem to get their head round being proactive.

Absolutely clueless


It’s Autumn so it must be time for home made soup. So the chef places the ingredients in the slow cooker and lets them stew for a few hours. Then it was time for the chef to blend the ingredients in the smoothie maker (it’s a multitasker). Unfortunately the chef forgot to put the lid on . So now the kitchen has gone from a magnolia paint feel to one more a kin to a Ghostbuster ectoplasmic theme.

Absolutely clueless


To try and calm down after my two earlier conversations I went for a run. Within minutes my running to the beat of Mongolian Heavy Metal came to a halt as the mp3 batteries died. Still it’s a pleasant day for a run. Halfway round I stopped to tie my shoelaces while a rather inquisitive cow peered over a gate. Thirty minutes later I arrived back at the house. Where’s the MP3 player? Pants I must have put it down when I tied my shoelaces. So I had to run back to that gate. Visions of a head banging cow thinking why she had never come across Mongolian music before.

Absolutely clueless


So whether it’s been Government Officials, Teachers, Parents, Chefs or Runners. It’s been a day for the clueless.

48 thoughts on “Clueless

  1. Oh man. I am sorry about your son and this transition. It does not seem to be going well at all. Even less support! In our situation the principal left, Declan’s special ed teacher left, his teacher from last year left – and his new teacher does not feel the need to fill out the behavior chart in the IEP – and in four emails I’ve sent her, she hasn’t replied to one. You’re right, Declan isn’t going to ask for help either. He says the lunch room is too loud, but doesn’t want to wear his noise canceling headphones because he doesn’t want to stand out. And that feeling does follow him throughout his day. Ugggh. The soap fiasco/slime sounded funnier than it must be in person. Sorry, I smiled 🙂

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  2. Well … I thought my day was bad until I read about yours, and now I think I must have had a great day! I do wish the school would wake up … I fear this year is not off to a good start, and it doesn’t sound as if they have any interest in trying to improve upon it. Sigh. Did you actually mean you were making ‘soap’, of ‘soup’? I assumed soup, but perhaps I was wrong? Hugs!

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  3. That Mongolian headbanging stuff is pretty good as I remember.
    I was having a fairly decent day until I checked the news… the Orange Idjit is at it again🤯🤬
    The schools and the governments are CRIMINALLY clueless.

    You better take it easy with the running or in gonna tell your doctor 😝 You dont want to be completely hobbled with bad weather creeping up on you.

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  4. 39 months and all they’ve got is: “I dunno?’ ‘We’re still working that out’ and ‘A change is gonna come 31st of Oct?

    Man, they certainly earn their 6 figure salaries huh? Paid for by your good self and countless numbers of clueless others of course.

    I’d suggest getting the DVD of ‘Clueless’ and tuning out for a while, but your brain sounds mushy enough as it is – sorry.

    More sorry for your son and what he has to go through each day however. 😦

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  5. I work for a school with an Autistic Base and we seem to cope with a variety of issues and offer support. Unbelievable that they don’t manage autism as it is getting more and more common. No specialist schools nearby I gather?

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  6. Posing those questions & getting “don’t know” is mighty damn close to “that’s classified”. But, plan, anyway. Yeah. Plan for more confusing f***ery.

    Cows need their musical catalog broadened, sometimes. Vibratory milk enhancement…🤨☺😊🐮

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