Perfect timing. The walking woolly jumper had been resolutely looking the other way. After a minute of waiting I gave up and took the shot. Just in time for the sheep to turn it’s head and briefly pose for the photo.

Perfect timing. After 4 hours of excruciatingly boring work I needed a run. But some days the mojo is just not there. After a couple of minutes I was on the verge of abandoning. Just outside the village a car was at the side of the road. The car had conked out going through a deep flood. After a few minutes with a push start we managed to get it going again. A quite reasonable run followed and I only remembered that I was going to give up when I was sat back down at the works laptop.

Perfect timing. I made homemade ice cream tonight. For some reason my vanilla recipe came out luminous yellow. The ice cream was served midway through the Monsters Inc movie. Unfortunately we were still sampling it when we got to the scene with the yellow snow cones and the Yeti. The immortal Yeti line rather killed off the taste sensation

“Oh would you look at that. We’re out of snowcones! Let me just go outside and make some more

Homemade Yellow ice cream is now banned.

Perfect timing. I was going to do a post about school. You can guess what it would have been like. Probably done a few of those over the last year or so. But as I started writing it a song came on the radio. Not sure who the band was but the songs basic theme was

Those with depression sit in silence. Feeling they are the only ones. Those who have suffered need to shout. So others know they are not alone. So they know it’s ok to shout to.

So here goes with a change of plan. Imagine I’m shouting to some Nordic Operatic Metal music.

I am a single parent. I’ve experienced a few too many deaths over the last few years. I’ve gone through phases where I’ve become too isolated. My personal confidence is shot. The upshot of this is that I have been to some really dark places in my mind. Scary frightening places. Yes I suffer from DEPRESSION. So if your reading this and you are suffering then please remember that your not alone. If you can then it’s good to talk. Talking or writing really helps. There is absolutely no shame in admitting your struggling. I struggle. Millions struggle. Let’s shout together. We can do this.

66 thoughts on “Perfect timing

  1. I’m struggling as you know from my blog, but I have not been shouting as I once was. Words seem to be difficult to find.
    But we are certainly not alone. Even when it feels like it.

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  2. 😂😂 The yellow ice cream. 😂😂

    I’m a Manic depression sufferer no meds no anything just luck has gotten me throw the past 30+ years of this so I know the highs and the deep dark lows of it, so don’t ever feel your alone in this dear. 🌹


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  3. All of the last paragraph I could of written myself, I fight to stay positive but you know you are so right that others need to know that so it feels ok for them to speak up too. I love your blogs for their authenticity of feeling, your idea for yellow ice cream, not so much 😂

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  4. Great message. No shame. I’ve been there and I fight to stay out of the hole. Thinking of you. Great job on the ice cream (minus the color I guess – maybe it was French?) Hope you have a great day today filled with hope 🙂

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  5. Such a wonderful post. Your post this morning (Ohio, USA) is perfect timing for me. It made me smile. 🙂

    I too suffer from depression, bipolar. I am on disability due to it and can’t work. I so much wish I could. Thank you for the reminder that you & we commenters are not alone.

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  6. Great photo – if you’d waited until it had its head up it would have turned away as you pressed the button. They do that.

    Keep writing – I find it good for mental health. Don’t worry about communication, most of us are happy just to see into the lives of other people.

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