The feeding zone has been active today with the usual characters. Yes the characters are making a mess of the lawn but it’s always so good to see them. We don’t get too many human visitors these days so who is going to notice the rugby pitch of a lawn and I don’t think non-human visitors are that fussed.

Another largely sleepless night. One short dream, a viewing of the stunning yet grim Everest movie and a bout of late night blog catchup. While reading a friends post a thought entered my zonked out brain. How many other souls are struggling with sleep currently. We really deserve our own secret club. Maybe the name should be The Dead Tired Poets Society. Dead Poets Society is a truly stunning movie. If we want to be selective we could be the Dead Tired Parents Society.

But why stop there. We could have so many subgroups.

For the financially challenged – The Dead Broke Poets Society,

For the puzzled amongst us – The Dead Confused Poets Society,

For the bad cooks – The Dead if you eat this cake Poets Society,

For those feeling happy – The Dead Chuffed Poets Society,

For those who can regenerate – The Deadpool Poets Society,

For the rubbish Fortnite players – The Dead in five seconds Poets Society,

For the rubbish negotiators – The Deadlock Poets Society,

For the strong amongst us – The Deadlift Poets Society,

For the gardeners amongst us – The Deadheading Poets Society,

For the Monty Python lovers – The Dead Parrot Poets Society,

And for the impassive people – The Deadpan Poets Society.

Today was another fun day. Fun but with son’s anxieties bubbling just beneath the surface. I have emailed school to tip them off but deep down I know they won’t do anything. The teachers won’t be informed and if they were – what would actually happen. Not much. I’m not sure how much training this group of teachers have had in dealing with anxiety. They certainly have had little specialised training in areas like dyslexia and autism. Maybe that’s why my first questions to the teachers tends to be

You do know he has Aspergers and you do know he has Dyslexia and you do know he has Dyspraxia.

The look I get back with the generally vague replies suggests either they don’t or they do but given the 1000 things they are dealing with this is never going to be a priority. So my parenting anxieties are mounting again. That’s why having fun is so important. It’s great for my son and it’s such a release for me. A release which is even more important when sleep fails you. Can you guess what tonight’s insomniac movie is. I’ve dropped enough clues.

Dead Poets Society.

90 thoughts on “Poets Society

  1. I don’t so much have insomnia as a EXTREME preference to sleep by day. But the world doesn’t support my schedule so I’d like to join the Dead Tired division!
    I had only 3 hrs of sleep Thur morn, with great hope of sleeping that night. Nope! Finally took a xanax around 7am and slept till 2p… and now I’m groggy and won’t sleep at night again.

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      1. LOVE it. For me, it makes my brain stop spinning so I can sleep… but I’m not too zonked out to respond to things that happen during the night (cat barfing) and I can usually wake up without a problem. I’ve been on a low dose of it for many years without increasing (HUGE concern of my doc’s).

        If insomnia is uncommon for you, Tylenol PM worked very well for me. I only switched to xanax because I need something virtually every night and Tylenol can cause liver damage.

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      2. Xanax is pretty safe but docs can get quite caught up being overly concerned about long term use. If I could sleep on my own, I would. But I clearly can’t. Oh how I long for my pre-40s when I could sleep anywhere & anytime!!

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      3. Did you try melatonin too? That was a big fat fail for me. As were med marijuana (knocked me out but I didn’t experience any relaxation, just the loss of several hours), and cbd (no thc but still made me paranoid).

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      4. Yeah… far trickier with kids. They might not have the experience or ability to express some of the weirdness I felt. Even when I tried the stains that aren’t supposed to make you tired, I’d have roughly 2hrs of nothing, 5-10 min of knowing I was pre-blackout, then zonked for 2 hrs. Really not my thing!!

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      5. I hope so for you!
        I’m naturally nocturnal and have been fighting this battle literally since pre-birth (my mother bitched about how I’d start kicking just as she went to bed). I find it immensely frustrating not to be able to find a professional nob with night-shift hours in 2020!!

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      6. I always feel like my body wants sleep but my brain has vetoed it. If it goes on too long, it starts to feel like my brain has forgotten how to sleep.
        I was thinking of you around 3am when I was exhausted but my brain was suddenly FULL of energy, despite xanax & pain meds. Part of me wanted to do something productive but a just slightly larger piece couldn’t focus well enough to even watch a movie. I ended up watching a really disappointing stand up comedy special which bored me enough to fall asleep shortly after.

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      7. I recall waking from a dream where I was climbing a ladder with a rabbit/cat in one hand and fearful of dropping it. I’d like to get back the dream where I was BFFs with Brad Pitt!!

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      8. I spend almost every night petting my cats, watching really old tv shows (“Burns & Allen”) and wishing I’d fall asleep. It wouldn’t be a big deal if I had enough mental/physical energy to DO something (chores or study!!) but I never do.

        I was going to watch the Downton Abbey movie but I paid for it and didn’t want to risk falling asleep and wasting my money.

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      9. LOL… I’ve found myself flipping between QVC & HSN for an hour, transfixed by how hosts can hype the most mundane objects.

        If I knew I’d fall asleep during a movie, it would be worth the rental fee! But as soon as I plan for that it will stop working!

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      10. I don’t know how they do those 1+ hour presentations for a single item, esp when it’s boring!! One of the channels has a new (to me) presenter in the middle of the night and she’s HORRIBLE… constantly tripping over her own words. That can be entertaining but so far she’s just annoying.

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      11. I slept for a few hours but woke up at 2am an I can’t tell you how desperately I wish you were nearby to laugh at the HORRIBLE Easter items QVC is currently showing!! You probably already bought the $21USD giant porcelain egg.

        fyi: in my world this is also known as the threat, “I am soooooo gonna buy this for you!” The uglier & less practical the better!

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  2. The Laughed So Hard I’m Dead, Poets Society!😂🤣😂🤣

    I tried to nap while Ben was at school today, but my phone went off every hour or so with junk texts & calls😠 I leave it on in case school calls, or my daughter… We’ll try again tonight🤞

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      1. Awww, man! That sucks! It’s a little after 8pm here and I have to wait for Younger to come pick up my car for work this weekend and to drive Older to work tonight🙄 I won’t be able to even try for until after 10:30pm.
        I’ll take whatever I can get. An hour doze is better than nothing.

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      2. I certainly tried! Ben is like a snooze alarm…every time I doze, he hits me (not mean) and tells me “Wake up Grandma”. I keep telling him I’d be more awake if he didnt get me up at 3:30am, but its beneath his Royal notice🙄😂

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  3. I love the squirrel … and the birds. I’m trying to come up with one for those of use burnt out with the politics of the day, but my imagination flew south for the winter, I think. And by the way … sleep is much over-rated anyway. I can get so much more done at 3:00 a.m. than during the day! 😉

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  4. I also love that movie. Watched it with my adult children once and they all sat there stunned when it was over. “I told you you’d like it,” I said.
    You have quite a menagerie on your lawn. Very entertaining.

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  5. I never have trouble sleeping. My problem is waking up. They used to call me Dormouse in school.
    But my husband would join your society. Don’t think he’s had a full nights sleep in years. It’s the one constant in our lives.

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      1. I like the Garmin HR for the HR part. I asked for one for Christmas but all they had was a purple one size small. I mean, it fit and all and I guess purple is okay. I think they stopped making them though, and now make only top models so that makes me bummed

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