Don’t you just hate Sods Law (Murphy’s Law). Son has been desperate for some snow to have a sledging session. This season has been a complete right off so far. He’s just had a week off from school where it has basically been storm force winds or torrential rain. Not a sniff of the white stuff. So guess what. On the first morning back at school we wake to this.

And by the time he got back from school the snow has been replaced with rain and high winds again. All the white stuff has gone. He is so so sad. It’s not as if school was in any way enriching. It started with any kids arriving late still receiving negatives – no allowance for the awful roads and paths. Welcome back kids to this happy establishment. First day back and homework is being handed out like confetti at a wedding. Long lunch queues and over running lessons meant no hot food for his class. AND THEN we come to Drama.

The school is clearly desperate to produce the next Laurence Olivier. It’s chosen route. Spelling Tests.

So here goes my friends, your first spelling test of the term. Enjoy.


Marking the moment


Thought track





And I’ve saved the best till last




King Hrothgar

Dane folklore spellings – what a top idea. So school has started off again being exactly the same grim, oppressive institution. It’s never going to change under this Government and it’s Victorian approach to education. I’ve again given him the option to be homeschooled and again he has reluctantly declined. He still wants to see if he gets moved up in any of his classes. But I must admit another school snow day may just push him over the edge. And I really couldn’t blame him.

86 thoughts on “Sod’s law

  1. Snow. I sent you some of ours. I know. It wasn’t much but, we didn’t get much.

    Your school is as bad as all of ours. Schools don’t teach real life skills anymore. They indoctrinate or, it functions as a prison-like daycare center.

    I feel for your son. On the one hand, he wants to show those people that there is nothing wrong with him and he is quite capable. They just keep trying to shove him into a round hole. On the other hand, I’m sure he would love to stay with you and homeschool but, he is old enough to know that it would be a struggle for you. Valiant child in an unnecessary situation.

    Homeschooling would be the best for both of you but, I understand his reluctance…and yours. You are a much better teacher. Can family help out?

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  2. Oh, poor son. That was a tough start after the break and the teachers may have felt frustrated too that they started with a test like that. Hope tomorrow is better. Already one day checked off the week.

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  3. This makes me fervently wish I could fly you and your son to Canada for a proper day of sliding over the snow – believe me we get lots here. Your son’s courage amazes me. I would not have hesitated even a nano-second and opted for home schooling. Poor kid. I sincerely hopes he gets that sledging day he so desperately wishes for. God bless you both and continue to give you the strength to deal with the bitter realities of education there. I mean come on – who really needs to know how to spell those terms, except perhaps a literature major!

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  4. What in the Hello Kitty does spelling have to do with Drama?? Jiminey Cricket!!! Is this ‘The History Of Theater’? Spelling belongs in English class.

    Sucks about the snow☹ I guess it’s kinda good it didn’t last long, the disappointment can’t be as big at missing it. He wouldn’t have gotten a good ride anyway. Still… it just figures🙄

    I wish Murphy & Sod would go visit Boris & Trump (sorry for swearing 😉) and leave us alone!!

    One day down, four to go…

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  5. Me neither! I have been hoping for just one snow day and there hasn’t even been a hint of the white stuff. I don’t even think I have taken my winter coat for a spin once this season! here’s hoping he gets a snow day soon!

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  6. Criminity!!!! I couldn’t spell half those words, and I don’t even know what some of them mean! Is it the goal of that school to give the kids an inferiority complex, to frustrate them so badly that they just … give up??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  7. wow…what a list…but here is what i see…your son seems to have a deep need to prove that he can keep up and do well.And that is AWESOME! Instead of seeing that as a hindrance, it may be interesting to view it in the positive.He will always need that skill, much more so than a skill to perfect his spelling. Many kids i know, whether autistic or not, do not have that internal drive. It seems to me that he is quite a bit more advanced than his peers already- in his life skills. And that isn’t something to overlook. i congratulate him ..and you.

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      1. Bundle him in a box, stick a couple stamps to his forehead and I’ll be waiting on the other end….

        Not gonna work huh? They USED to do that!!!

        Ok, now laugh.

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  8. Hrothgar? HROTHGAR! We have American students who don’t even know what the Civil War’s about, and your kid’s expected to spell HROTHGAR?!?!?!


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