Today was the Day 1 of the countries homeschooling project for many. Son’s school is trying to run a full days lessons online. At the usual start time of the lesson he needs to log into the school system. He records his attendance by a simple text message. Then he follows the instructions the teacher has provided. Any work completed is then loaded onto the school system for the teacher to review.

  • Geography was to research and answer a series of questions on Russia for 90 minutes. He quite enjoyed that,
  • Maths was to use an online teaching system. Complete one module. Unfortunately due to the numbers of kids nationwide trying to use the system – it broke,
  • French was to read a handout then try to write a few paragraphs in the remaining time. Didn’t really work for him.
  • Art was to try and replicate 4 photos in various styles. So he tried a few sketches then photographed them and sent that to the teacher.

It kinda worked. It did provide structure but I’m not sure some of the teaching methods really suit our son. But that’s modern teaching in this country. Let’s see what the next few days turn out like. I’m puzzled how some of the subjects will be run. Online PE and Drama could be interesting. Surely they will squeeze in a few of our favourite spelling tests. Food Technology mentioned cooking at home. Maybe even learning from your mum or dad.

“Say that again. Learn cooking and baking from your dad.”

He gave me a withering look.

Sorry dad I’m going to have to say a bad word. Oh CRAP.”

He knows me far too well. A couple of hours later.

Dad, I thought you had planned to put seeds on top of the bread”

“I thought I had put seeds on but clearly I accidentally put grated cheese on instead. It’s now cheesy bread.”

Its vegan cheese isn’t it.”

“Yes I believe it is as that’s the only grated stuff in the fridge.”

Well it’s grated cardboard topped bread then. I do learn from you. How not to cook…”

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  1. Haha. He’s so funny.
    I really don’t like how people are calling what’s happening with the kids being home “homeschooling”. Nope. It’s “school from home”. As you say, it depends on if the school can accommodate the children’s learning styles.

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      1. I used to find comic books in foreign languages a really nice way to learn them. Asterix in the original french for instance. A big part of it was showing how much you can understand from context, images, facial expressions etc even if you don’t understand every word.

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  2. You will both come out of this with new insights in homeschooling. 🙂

    Tell the boy to keep a short diary. If not in written form, via audio? Like Star Trek captain’s logs? 😄😷

    Stay safe and sane, you too. 💗

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      1. I’d like to say I am. I am certainly writing –a lot of us are finding that hard–but there really has been very little increased time . What I mean is …well, look at yesterday, phone rang at 8 30. My immediate thought was one–, my older girl, her husband, and wee girl, presently in quarantine.-yep- my other girl’s wee boy with a strep throat. Did tell her to get onto the GP and get penicillin cos this is 3 times now in the past year so they know what it is. But no on both counts–though she did do that yesterday–, it was my oldest pupil in every sense of the word, in a terrible state. Her and her hubby have no family and she was crying over some shit in the Mirror re not treating the over 60s. As I said tae her ..but you are nearly 80, so what are you worrying about.? By the time i had talked her off the ceiling, re such dreadful articles, emailed back and forward to a friend in Edinburgh sans food, reffed a row between both my girls –yep– checked our downstairs neighbour was ok , it was 2 pm. Got the quota but really it is none of it as people think that way.

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      2. Just wated an entire bit of my life i can’t get back dealing with a sister who is narcissistic and basically how awful this is cos she is only interested in herself so she has no idea of what is going. I mean the world is awful cos SHE can’t get. AND her fav restaurant is closed….. And people are so rude in M & S. Yes she can afford to shop there. And the other day in Pensioner’s hour in plebeian Tescos. yes she hauls out one of their THREE Jaguars –well her man’s Jaguars since she does not drive–every day to do a huge shop and the shocking thing was water had been rationed and there was nothing on the shelves. AlSO she can only speak to her daughter who brings her a big bag of shopping every other day despite all this wasting of the planet’s resources, and hoarding of food– through the window (Which BTO is prob the best wye tae speak to her anyway…) A week ago it was shocking cos on Mother’s Day they had to have a takeaway… What is the world coming to??? Please … someone point me in the direction of the wall tae climb okay… Gie’s the paraffin and the match . Put iz oot oh my misery……

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      3. Well, she is aye dripping about their 3 cars and how she never cooks a meal Or shops locally cos her man cannae park a car. Aye. Fecking up this planet for the bairns quite frnakly./

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      4. Spot on but my older girl and I were decking ourselves yesterday cos her hubby was out of quarantine and went shopping .. and like that how the world had changed in a week. Anyway, couple are not being allowed in. It is one of you only, to cut down rightly on panic buying. Now we are watching the space cos my sister can’t go anywhere without her hubby. And I am not telling her of this rule either… Did i say watching the space? We are thinking of selling tickets for it.

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      5. Never thought of that…. I could have grandstand and ringside seats… And i see Tesco have finally said one item of each essential. THAT is not before time. Now if M and S do that…. Oh dear. The thing is she is the kind to think she can command like the queen. I’m expecting to hear of police being called actually.

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      6. Seriously they don’t do ‘ separation’. They do EVERYTHING as a couple. He even takes her to the hairdresser ‘s every Friday morning at 10 and sits outside in the car while she is in there. Many years ago her best friend ‘s hubby left her for awhile and her freind asked could they go for a meal and drink in one of OUR fav locals actually . (They don’t do pubs either) My sister and the friend only for that meal . Well. the hubby sat outside in the car waiting. Yeah. And mys sister was going on that she wished that friend and her husband would just get back together so she’d stop bothering her to go out for a meal in a bar without HER husband. Another time my very good friend who died before Christmas invited her to join our fortnightly get boozed evening, cos my sister who had just retired had asked her…trying to muscle in on the few friends I have. Let’s just say my friend never did that one again after my sister wanted her husband to wait outside and then after we said, ‘ Oh tell him to go for God’s sake,’ phoned him at 8.30 to come get her. THEN she tried to get me to come away with her. You can imagine how blue aired my thoughts were… So THEN the next day she ses to me on the phone after asking what time I left , I’d no business sitting in their house till 12 30. Take what she got. SO yeah we are all avidly watching the space….

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  3. Lol… Your dad and son moments are always so great. I’m looking forward to hearing more about how this homeschooling project goes. One day your son will be teaching you to cook. With the whole pizza thing in mind he may already be doing this.

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  4. Ben’s school isnt doing anything about lessons. Of course, an autism school would have to make each thing tailored to each student, impossible really.
    I have taught him to open a bag of snacks though, so there IS some learning happening. 😂

    I can do vegetarian, I couldn’t give up cheese willingly or butter. Your bread looks good!! I haven’t made good yeasty bread in a long time…hmmm… might have to fix that.

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  5. Hahaha, you definitely make sure to keep up your son’s awareness. It is so lovable to read your episodes. Very lovable.
    Regarding homeschooling. It is really cool how they are switching to online school. My son went to his commercial school in his own bedroom yesterday and today. Good for the kids and good for the parents. I could imaging that the development that happens these days might flow into some teaching systems of the near future.

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  6. Wait a minute … “vegan cheese” … that is an oxymoron in itself! Cheese comes from cows, so by definition it cannot be vegan unless it’s not made from cow’s milk, in which case it isn’t cheese! That’s like saying, a square sphere, or a red bluejay! No no no … just no. Along those lines, I was at my local grocery last Friday, and on my list was ‘butter’ (which also comes from cows, I shall note). Not a stick of butter to be had, but they had several boxes of something called “plant-based butter”. Again, butter comes from cows, just like cheese, and if it doesn’t, then it ain’t butter! Frustrated, I stood and looked at the offensive ‘plant-based butter’ for a moment, spread my arms, and yelled, “Who the f*** eats plant-based butter???” Yeah, I got a few looks, but really didn’t give a care at the moment. Sheesh. Guess I’ll just have to buy a cow if I want butter on my muffins!

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  7. Hey, I’d try it! And it sounds like working on his own is going pretty decently for him. I wish the boys’ teachers would fall in line–the two of them send out very little, and it’s nothing the same regarding what kinds of work. Gah!


      1. It did! I don’t think I’d do that every day, though. Now the fun challenge is trying to integrate what three different teachers are sending for each kid to do, because of course NOTHING really matches up…gah!

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