Free Gardening Tip Number 1: Clearly if you leave the garden long enough it will sort itself out. You can just stand back and enjoy the results.

If I was listing my many wonderful features I might start with

  • Chiselled Features
  • Thor like body
  • Razor sharp intellect
  • Reactions of a cat
  • Chef supreme
  • Cunning linguist
  • Sporting Superbeing

And on and on. The list would be extensive but one word that does not appear is Telepathic.

Dad we have a problem. Class have been working on a project for the last two weeks. It’s going to be used as this terms evaluation mark. The project has to be finished in one hours time. I didn’t know about it.”

The two week project period almost perfectly mirrored the time Hawklad had been off from school since his unplanned operation. Now in the normal scheme of things this would not be a problem. He had a valid reason to be unavailable for schoolwork. School was notified of this. Common sense would surely prevail……

Oh no……no, no, no, no, pigging NO.

It is the responsibility of the pupil and the parent to be fully aware of all assignments. These are clearly communicated via class lessons and the class notes. Failure to be aware of an assignment is not a valid exception to the rule. This applies to ALL parents and pupils. So basically if your sick and return to school then you should ensure you read all class documentation before your first day back. You can then immediately start working on any projects. This bad, bad, bad parent did not do this. So I never came across the assignment. That’s where the power of telepathy would have been most useful.

Free Parenting Tip Number 1: So clearly what any responsible parent should have done is read all the class notes, work out deadlines for the various projects and then return your child back to school THE DAY AFTER THE PROJECTS HAD TO BE HANDED IN. Job done and no need for a one hour mad scramble to cobble together a project….

60 thoughts on “Telepathy

  1. 😕 Not telepathic? Are you sure? But you have so many wonderful qualities. I saw the list. It’s all true. It must be there somewhere. A little more pencil juggling should do the trick. I still like pigging. Pigging is a classic.

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      1. I understand overly tired. I’m having an overly tired morning. Read all of your posts. Brain failed to come through on a comment for all of them, but I did read them.

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  2. Take Hawklad out of school, and tell the bobbalinks that he will come back when he is good and healthy, if ever. How can anyone ever be healthy dealing with a bunch of blind and heartless nincompoops like them. They are absurdists to the nth + 1 degree of absurdity, and ki dly tell them that means they are not even human in the abstract.

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  3. There was something called common sense. Does anyone remember? There are teachers who function as automatons. A good educator knows the situation of the students themselves and sets out measures in support of those in difficulty. I work educating and believe me, it’s hard to establish common sense in a team of educators.

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  4. Your schools remind me of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall”

    Just cause is like they are pushing out molds. No leeway, no compassion

    I like certain aspect about your schools we don’t have … like the foreign language early … I do like that. A lot actually

    But otherwise they seem to suck! Sorry.

    That’s just ridiculous – it’s a legitimate reason!!

    They would have issues dealing with me. I would have a massive issues with not giving him make up time!!

    What kinda school puts a major project thing at the end??? The end is for maybe finals… a 2 week project at the end is just ridiculous. And even if they do, to not accept his circumstances, that’s just terrible.

    Sorry you deal with that. I would be causing a problem. They would not like me. At all. I do have fight in some areas – this is one✌️

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  5. Before I got to the end of the post I was thinking you should have waited until the due date was past. Oh well. I like both tips. I have thrown various plants in my favorite garden space over the years. It has sorted itself out through survival of the fittest, and it is my favorite of my gardens. I’ve killed every poppy I have ever planted. Yours is beautiful.

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