Wouldn’t it be great to fly. To just fly. No need for a baggage check in, security and long waits in the Terminal. Just to fly under your own steam, when and wherever. Given the size of my bum during these lockdown days, that would have to me some mighty wingspan to get me airborne. Buttocks like mine are the reason that they invented super sized planes like the 747 with those massive engines.

“Dad have you lost that weight you said you were going to before the summer…”

Yes I did set a goal of shedding some weight.

You actually said it would be 14lbs which is 6.3kg’s. So how are you doing?”

I am probably about 6.3kg’s short of the goal currently…..

“So what’s gone wrong?”

I’m exercising really hard but I’m just not getting any long runs. Without the runs it’s a real struggle to get my heart rate above 100 during the exercise. But the main problem is the food. I’m having to eat Soya and some Gluten products. These just make me blow up as if I’m pregnant.

Are you sure your not pregnant?”

Pretty sure, although we have some of your old baby clothes somewhere – just in case. Those food types just make my abdomen and face puff up. It takes ages for my system to try and process them. When the shop gets a better range of things back in, then things will improve.

Arnold Schwarzenegger became pregnant in that movie. Look how much money he has now. Just saying……Instead of soya and gluten stuff, Dad, why don’t you just eat salads and soups…”


Yes we could all do with some more money but call me a coward, not that way please…. But Hawklad does have a good point. I’ve just switched to the soya and gluten alternatives without really thinking. Salads would be far better for me. I’ve become lazy, stopped making things like soups and stews. So from today my body becomes a temple. A well cared for one. Now I don’t have an excuse, that weight has to come off now. Either that or it’s a remake of the movie Junior….

78 thoughts on “Flying

  1. Try eating Keto and IF and you’ll feel and look great. Before my husband died, I stopped eating sugar, bread, pasta and all high carbohydrate foods. Now, after three years of changing my eating habits I’m down to a healthy weight, feel great, don’t take any medication and have more energy than I’ve had in 30 years. I learned about Keto from a YouTube doctor, Dr Berg at https://youtu.be/vMZfyEy_jpI.

    It’s an easy life style change and another perk is you save money. Stay healthy and safe.

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  2. I’m shaking my head at you and laughing at your post. Loved Hawklads “Are you sure you’re not pregnant.” 😀 Yes, stay away from the soy/soya and gluten.

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      1. Laughing, but so tired this morning. I want to go back to bed. Probably won’t get any sleep though before the cats start screaming to be fed. They are such little monsters. 😀 Loveable, but so noisy. 😁

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      2. Never got those extra Zzzz’s. You didn’t pray hard enough! 😀 I was working against ya. Didn’t even bother trying. My bad. 😆 Yes, cats have mastered demanding.

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  3. You reminded me that last night I dreamed about stepping on a scale and being 300lbs. It was an issue not because it was unhealthy but because 295 was the limit for whatever I wanted to do.

    Assuming you sometimes fly in dreams, how do you lift off and navigate? In my dreams, lift off involves a swim-like kicking motion (I’m somehow always far enough off the ground to do that). I used to need to kick to stay airborne but now I float and navigate by just thinking about it. Though, overall, I rarely fly in dreams these days.

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  4. Ughh, I hear ya! I have gone back to intermittent fasting and have had a salad of some sort for dinner the past two weeks. As the rest of the fam fill their faces with yummy yums, I make a spectacle of myself shoving lettuce leaves into my mouth with great negativity. I’m saladed out! But I really do want to lose the lbs, so here we are! Good luck to you! Sorry if I was so negative on the salads. I meant to say, “Yum!” 🙂

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  5. Definitely take care of your body… know what it needs, and how to be healthy.

    But also… don’t be too hard on yourself… bodies are a vessel for the soul… take care of it to live long and be healthy.

    But we are also genetically made… so your body is genetically inclined – we don’t really have a lot of control with that.

    (Except me… my breasts are not genetically inclined lol… they are fake… and I am the only one in the family – there was no history at all with breast cancer)

    But ya know… whatever – just don’t be too hard on yourself… eat right and be happy 😘 be confident

    And then there is always that song… I like big butts and I can not lie lol … so it’s not a big deal ✌️ only for health

    You are funny though 😊 yes definitely please be healthy! 🙏

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  6. When I fly in dreams, it’s like swimming under water… weird, huh? But everything about me is weird, so it’s not surprising. Eat salads for healthy reasons. If it’s food reaction, that will change when you can get away from the soy & gluten.
    I feel that if your body is healthy and (mostly😉) works the way you want it too, size doesn’t matter. I only notice I need to cut back on the sweets when I can’t move or bend the same.

    Soups and stews are great! Slow cooker, freeze a bunch. Dont forget to label them though🤣🤣🤣

    You could make another wager with Hawklad… he could put on weight, you could take off weight… 5 pounds or whatever… who does it first wins. (We all know who would win😉) 💌💌

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