One of those weather days. Kinda sunny, kinda cloudy, kinda windy, kinda warm, kinda chilly, kinda dry and kinda wet. I guess it’s a kinda Yorkshire day. Rather excitingly I walked to that Tree today and back. Keep it quiet, Hawklad doesn’t know. He was too busy watching a Sherlock episode. It was funny as I had just finished my fitness programme for the morning. Definitely slightly out of breath. Probably not the best time to try and sing The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music. Probably better trying to sing in the more deeper tones of four fine Yorkshire born Rock front men, Joe Cocker, Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company), David Coverdale (Deep Purple, Whitesnake) or Joe Elliot (Def Leppard). Better off probably dressing like them as well, rather than Julie Andrews. That would kinda make more sense.

I’ve now got this bizarre thought in my head. Monty Python skipping over that hill, signing that song about The Alps, all in a deep Yorkshire accent while wearing wellies and a knitted handkerchiefs on their heads. That’s kinda disturbing.

Changing the subject rapidly. I was doing today’s workout outside in the garden when that Tree caught my eye. I thought about it being months since I ventured there. I decided it was kinda time to revisit there. Sit a few minutes under the branches. Well I did. That’s where I noticed that I was slightly out of breath. But I kinda have an excuse. It was straight after my workout. A slightly longer one.

I have this silly little ritual. Every year I add on one more minute to my exercise sessions. The thinking is that yes that’s one year older but my body is coping with one more minute of workout than it did last year – so I must still be improving. Rather than getting older I’m getting fitter. Kinda getting better, still improving. Well that’s the thinking anyway….. Kinda makes sense to me.

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  1. It’s a very nice tree. Sitting under trees is very nice too. Trees are good for thinking… Definitely some smiling… There are probably other things that I’m forgetting, but yes, trees are wonderful. Have I ever said how much I love trees? Probably one of my favorite things. Well, that makes sense, without trees we couldn’t breath. Kind of wonderful then. πŸ˜€

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      1. Sometimes you say the most random things. Marker pens? Hmmm… well as long as those marker pens aren’t colliding. Do you often use marker pens on trees, under trees, or around trees? Doris… hmmm. I haven’t named any trees before.

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      2. Oh, that makes sense. All of it I mean. I might start juggling pens under trees too. Or weights. Except don’t juggle weights indoors. They make a terrible loud noise when one hits the floor. I might have tried it… with a one pound weight. Yeah maybe…

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  2. That is kinda awesome! I think that is a great goal to push another minute into there. And to get a couple of minutes to yourself under the tree. I am really happy for you! Here’s hoping the weather is kinda nice to you tomorrow, so you can have a kinda nice day spending time outside again! πŸ™‚

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  3. Oh yes, Wellies and knitted hankies! I hope you spoke to the tree when you got your breath back. And GOOD FOR YOU!! Sometimes you gotta run away, just a little bit! And that lone tree is so very special. No kinda about it.
    I kinda like your idea about adding the minute. I don’t do workouts, so I’ll have to think about something to do to improve myself on my birthdays. Maybe an extra dance. πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ˜πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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  4. Adding one minute at a time sounds BRILLIANT to me, honestly. I still haven’t worked out how to work out with this damn plantar fasciitis how however that’s spelled with my one heel. Some days aren’t bad, and then some days I can’t really walk. Yesterday started as a good day–we went to the beach for the first time all summer. A small, free spot (a bunch require payment for access, which SUCKS), so it was crowded, but not to the point of causing me panic. I did forget to put sunblock on all of us, though, soooooo we’re all lobsters today. 😦 Still, the kids had a lot of fun and finally had some time outside. But a rock I stepped on hit my plantar thing in just the right way that I swear, I thought I had stepped on a spike. OW.
    Kudos to you for taking that walk, for sitting and reflecting. You need those moments for you when you know your family’s safe and sound. Hugs to you from the Midwest, and keep taking these moments for yourself! xxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. I had that. Still got to manage it. Only things that worked for me was rolling a tennis ball under the foot for a few minutes a day and changing training shoes. Did the wet the foot and stand on paper test. Then find the footprint websites which show what foot type I am. Find an old pair of shoes and see which parts have worn away the quickest. I changed to New Balance overpronation ones. So far it’s so helped. But when I change to another brand it can come back. A physio told me that you just need to find one brand of trainers that work for you and stick with them. So hope it sorts out. So pleased you got to the beach. So want you to live and breathe. Thinking of you in the Midwest. xxxxxxxxxxx


      1. You know, that’s a super good point. The shows I bought this winter was a brand I hadn’t bought before. Never again!
        Hey, YOU should live and breathe, too. We’ll make due with what we have, and we’ll find our moments. YOu just make sure you find your moments, too. xxxxxx

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  5. Is that the favourite tree you once posted a picture of? I have two trees in particular, one I can only see, the other is on my property. Trees are very important. Exercise too. And good attitude.

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  6. Kinda scarey, the thought of adding one minute a day to your workout. Does that mean at 80 I should be working out 80 minutes a day? Wait, no, arithmetic, I didn’t work out as a one year old, or did I?

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