Early morning frosty walk.

One of those walks where it feels like you have the world to yourself.

And someone is on a mission to find the nearest tree.

Sometimes that nearest tree is frustratingly too far a way for such little legs.

February 2020, the last time Hawklad was at school. Where did those couple of years go……

Up to that point Hawklad hadn’t been comfortable in school. Well not his current secondary school, a school with over 800 other pupils. Too big, too noisy, too many sensory distractions, too many faces, too many strangers. It had been so different at his first and so much smaller school. Just 2 classes with no more than 40 kids. He felt more at ease there. He made some very good friends there. Frustratingly those friends got spread around the next school with none in his class stream. But he did manage to make a few more new acquaintances. So he did get to socialise with people his own age.

Then the last two years happened.

Two years of school at home.

In those two years, socialising has been at a premium. Two years and he’s seen one friend. She is good friend he met at his last school. They play some online games together and have met up a few times. But that’s it in two years. That is one consequence of a pandemic.

Two years and counting.

24 thoughts on “Nearest

    1. Absolutely. Masks not mandatory in schools again. But some kids, some schools still wearing them. So the Government is considering banning masks in classrooms. Already the Government has told schools that any school wanting to make masks mandatory have to get Governmental approval……


  1. Your photos are always so gorgeous!! Not belittling what’s happening at all, but your pictures brighten my day. And my heart goes out to both you and Hawklad….such tough times.


  2. I wonder sometimes if the time at home, away from school actually *helped* some kids. It kept them away from bullies and the trauma caused by not being a round peg. 🤔
    It’s been a couple of odd years for sure!


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